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  1. Our climb dates are scheduled for June 22-25. Have you climbed Rainier before? Do you have ice climbing or glacier experience? I mainly ask because the two guys I’m taking have minimal experience and they will be a handful for me already haha.
  2. Hey Sam, thanks for the invite but I actually already have plans to take a couple friends up the Kautz at that same time. Maybe next time! cody
  3. Climbing Liberty Ridge on Rainier June 6-9. Our third had to drop out last minute due to a job offer, and we are interested in finding a replacement if there is a good fit. We are totally okay with going as a two-man team if we think that’s the best option but open to adding a third of their climbing resume is good and personality seems like a decent fit. First time on LR for both of us, but multiple Rainier climbs via DC and Kautz for both of us as well as plenty of experience on steep alpine ice/rock/snow at altitude. Hit me up if interested and let me know your experience. We have wilderness camping reservations for a group of 3.
  4. THESE ARE ALL SOLD (PENDING) I’m selling a set of X4s in .1-.4 sizes, as well as a #4 C4. These are all in excellent condition and are very lightly-used pieces with no falls on them. Each placed a handful of times at most. These are all doubles that I find I barely use (or even take with me), so I am selling them to buy some other gear. I would really prefer to sell the X4s as a set. BD Camalot C4, silver #4: $65 BD Camalot X4, red #.1 - silver #.4 (Set): $220 or X4s individually: $65 each I will be in the Richland/Tri-Cities area August 13-17 and around SeaTac on August 18 (and briefly August 12). Of course, I’m also willing to ship if you pay shipping costs.
  5. Did you see if your homeowners/renters insurance will cover any of it?
  6. Interested in the knife blades and LAs if youre willing to ship.
  7. Spantiks SOLD Baruntses and Omegas still available
  8. I am selling three pairs of double boots, all in very good or excellent condition: 1) La Sportiva Spantiks (size 44) Like new/never used. Just need to get a different size. MSRP $750, I'm asking $550 + $20 shipping. I'm willing to entertain other offers as well. 2) La Sportiva Baruntses (size 43 1/2) Very good condition, used 5 or 6 times. Only sign of wear is a a couple small holes in the thin outer plastic on one boot, which I repaired with some Seam Grip and haven't ever noticed any issue with (see photos). Liners were not heat molded. MSRP $625, I'm asking $385 + $20 shipping, or best offer. 3) Scarpa Omegas (Mondo 25.0, US Men 7, US Women 8) Good condition, worn 6 or 7 times, mostly for single-day ice climbing. Intuition liners in good shape. Outer plastic boots show scratches from light use. MSRP $389, asking $175 + $20 shipping, or best offer.
  9. Two of us looking for a third (third and fourth okay too) to climb the Kautz on July 5-8. Our third climber had to cancel last minute due to a career change. We are planning on taking our time to acclimate and enjoy the mountain, and we will likely carry over the DC, depending on conditions in the chute. We summitted the DC as a two-man team a couple years ago, but would prefer to have a third for this one.
  10. Selling my wife's lightly used Scarpa Omega plastic double boots. Mondopoint size 250, and based on how they fit my wife, I would say they are appx US women's size 7.5 and US men size 6.5. My wife used these boots on a few ice climbing trips but bought double leathers to replace them. Asking $200.00 plus shipping. These boots retail around $370.00; email me for photos at cborigo at gmail dot com.
  11. Interested in the alti mitts. Could you send pics? cborigo@gmail.com
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