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  1. Looking for a partner to climb the Kautz Route on rainier with me early season 2019 (a long weekend in May). I know it’s early to commit but wanted to put it out there and be in touch over the coming months of planning. I live in Columbus, OH and will be booking travel specifically for the climb. I climb out west several times a year so trust me I can be relied on to come through on this trip. I will probably stay with friends in Portland the night before and drive up to paradise the morning of. Looking to camp at Hazard and summit early day 2 after climbing the ice chutes. Open to descending by rappelling the chutes and downclimbing the Kautz Route or by climbing up and over and descending the DC Route. Not interested in Ski descent as I don’t spend nearly enough time on skis to trust my skill. look forward to hearing from you!
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