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  1. Hi, I’m an avid scrambler/climber from Alberta looking to connect with someone interested in a 1-day ascent of Rainier. I recognize that this is a pretty strenuous goal as that is almost 3000 metres cumulative elevation gain in a single day and I would anticipate a significantly long day starting from the trailhead at Paradise at or before midnight. i am considering timing in late June or July. Will depend on partner. I’d be driving from Alberta and would have a backup plan as well for other mountain(s) if this falls together. Shoot me a note if you are interested. We’ll want to check each other’s availability, experience, etc. A couple of relevant videos: White Pyramid feature in Gripped.com https://gripped.com/gripped-outdoors/watch-snow-trek-to-top-of-rockies-white-pyramid/ Mount Hector (Alberta)