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  1. Right now the guys I’m going with can only get up the 24th off, so that would be the day we are travelling home (approx. 18hr drive).
  2. Climber101 also is interested in June 19 - you might try connecting?
  3. Hi Sam. I currently have a group shooting for a time window from Jun 21-24 (incl. travel from Alberta). Doesn’t seem like the timing will work, but if that time window doesn’t work for us, I will contact you.
  4. Hi, I’m an avid scrambler/climber from Alberta looking to connect with someone interested in a 1-day ascent of Rainier. I recognize that this is a pretty strenuous goal as that is almost 3000 metres cumulative elevation gain in a single day and I would anticipate a significantly long day starting from the trailhead at Paradise at or before midnight. i am considering timing in late June or July. Will depend on partner. I’d be driving from Alberta and would have a backup plan as well for other mountain(s) if this falls together. Shoot me a note if you are interested. We’ll want to check each other’s availability, experience, etc. A couple of relevant videos: White Pyramid feature in Gripped.com https://gripped.com/gripped-outdoors/watch-snow-trek-to-top-of-rockies-white-pyramid/ Mount Hector (Alberta)