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  1. Thank you. I am moved and honored to have been able to share in your experience. If you'd ever need someone to talk to I am here for you.
  2. bike tour sounds rad. I am game to meet at Wa pass and mazama for some play time. you lead harder than I but I can follow you most anywhere. WFR and experienced climber and hiker. Have done lots at the pass and happy to repeat them, love that spot, and there is plenty I have not done. I have some midweek days and can tack on to the weekends. Happy to teach you what I know about glaciers and trudging up volcanoes. Challenger is on my summer list if you make your way eastward. 847 207 1201
  3. Hey, I'd be down with snowfield, was up there and got shut out by dark skies and rain a few weeks ago. Climbing for 20 years, chill, and get along with most people. I live in Ferndale and can meet up at the Skagit Ranger station and go from there. If it does not work out this weekend I am looking for partners for the summer and onward. Dave 847 207 1201
  4. Early Summer Climbing Partner

    Hit me up when you figure out your plans for sure. I'd be down for your mazama/WA pass and if you are onto baker or adams I am down. Erie is fun and I go there lots. Even if I work I can meet you for an evening session. 847 207 1201
  5. Alpine and cragging spring/summer

    wdkg: My schedule is pretty free with some notice but mostly tuesday wednesday are good to go. As long as I give work some notice I have relative freedom to do what I want. Benzo: I'll be in Chicago visiting my mom, on the fly over I'll wish you good conditions.
  6. Hey, Looking for a partner for alpine and cragging adventures this spring summer and beyond. Climbing in the Cascades for 20 years and in my 40's. I'm in good shape but not in a hurry unless I need to be and open to both long days and spending the night. I've been to many places and don't mind going back or to somewhere new. Interests include: moderate alpine, glacier traverses, long high routes through the cascades (bath lakes high route in on my bucket list), Glacier peak... I'm in the Bellingham area and love someone local for Erie weeknights too. Lead 9-10 trad and 10's sport and I like the mellow 8-9 alpine romps. I work for a living but have a lot of flexibility and can take midweek time for getting out. Prefer more obscure objectives on the weekends to avoid the crowds and extra hazards. Positive funny safe and looking to get out do lots of things. Happy climbing! Z
  7. Weekday ski/alpine partners needed

    sent text! Want to climb.
  8. Partner for Tuesday 6/12

    Hey Dan, I climb midweek but not this tues. I'll buzz you.
  9. Outdoor climbing partner needed :)

    Hi, Looking for Tuesday Wednesday partner for outdoors. I'm at stone gardens bellevue couple days a week too.
  10. Hey, Experienced climber looking for partners. I just like to get out and have fun so your attitude is more important to me than your skill level. Days off are Tuesday/Wednesday and I am in Bellevue. Can leave most Monday nights for alpine starts and love cragging all over this great state and canada. Lead Sport and Trad in the 10's and can follow up to 12 if you need a belay on that project. Alpine moderates are probably my favorite thing about climbing. Dave
  11. romping up 8s 9s and 10s in the warm sunny desert. anyone down? I am a little flexible on dates. can leave as early as the 31st and come back as late as the 6th or early the 7th. D
  12. *

  13. looking for a climbing partner.

    Hi, I am off the 9 and 10th and then every friday - tuesday thereafter for teh summer. Lets get outside and climb!! DAve zclimbs@gmail.com
  14. 1 year old climber looking for partners

    Hey, I am in Seattle and am in my first summer off from med school so I have time to climb and like showing someone new around. I have gear and we can go play and explore! zclimbs@gmail.com
  15. Squamish? Alpine? Carpool? July and Aug

    alpine fiend with lots of free time. I am in seattle and am down for hwy 20, 2 or 90 adventures. NO canada for me just yet (story for a bivy). Im 37 in shape, like alpine rock the best but will cragg all day if necessary Dave email me at zclimbs@gmail.com peace