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  1. Is my ice axe too short?

    I don't think its a good idea to tell someone they don't need an ice axe. There is many places on Mt.Adams that would be unsafe to be ready to self arrest. I know of at lease one accident on Adams that a guy had to get airvac'd off because he dropped his axe just before he fell, and slid down the glacier and into the boulder piles. Jusy saying.
  2. swamp feet/blister in touring boots

    Moleskin until boot and feet finally adjust to each other
  3. Topo Maps?

    check the with the national forests and powells books or another big bookstore
  4. Mt. Mitchell??

    That's too bad it was always a fun close day cimb
  5. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    agreed matt
  6. Should “Motorcycle Hill" have been closed?

  7. please don't buy my stolen cams...

    Wow I really hope those arn't them....Just ads even more of a slap in the face. Good luck, I wish nobody had to deal with these things
  8. Homemade Split Board

    anywhere around 150cm would work im kinda short
  9. Homemade Split Board

    So most of the time i climb in spring i carry my snowboard (sucks donut) I am way to poor to buy a splitboard. I already snowboard in my Koflach Verticals. Any suggestions on homemade splitboards/performance issues? and will my trusty dusty kofie's work with the new bindings? Any help or advice greatly appreciated; as im not quite ready to jump in and cut my board in half
  10. How do I find a climbing partner in Madrid?

    you could always put a personal ad in the local madrid newspaper
  11. Goggles? What brand/color do you wear?

    LOL those are the glasses i've been wearing on all of my climbs
  12. My boy!!

    WOW!!! what a little badass way to go!!!
  13. Another Mt Hood accident

    My heart goes out to all his friends and family; always unsettleing to hear a fellow climber go down
  14. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    LOL sorry *if im on a non snow route*
  15. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    Call me stupid if you will but if im not a non snow mid to late summer route, I just head 'er on up in my tennys (trail running shoes)