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  1. Adams .....ready?

    Bummer - I'm more conservative with weather related things like that. Long trip down to have to bag it when I can't dedicate too many weekends a year to trips. We'll be up there the weekend of the 21st now. Hopefully by then we'll be fine getting to the trailhead, etc.
  2. Adams .....ready?

    We're bagging our trip for this weekend. Been watching the weather reports and haven't been liking what we see. Postponed for later in July.
  3. Adams .....ready?

    Thanks Water. Appreciate the update! We'll check in with the Rangers and see how things are going later this week (hoping for their update as well). Neither of us have been on the South Spur before but are doing as much research/prep as we can to be safe out there. Both of us will have our GPS and downloaded a few tracks from EveryTrail so we have them as well (http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=665239) Both of us are safety conscious so any hint of a white out we're either parking it or turning back like you did.
  4. Adams .....ready?

    Anyone head up that way or heard a report from the weekend? NOAA's weather outlook for the weekend doesn't look perfect but... might hold out to be OK. Our current plan is to head down to Hood River Friday after work. Crash in Hood River and head up to the Trout Lake ranger station Saturday morning around 8 when they open. Get our volcano pass, blue bags, check on conditions, etc. then head up to the mountain. Trying to get up as close to the trailhead as we can with the snow. We're not planning on bringing snowshoes (thoughts? I'd rather not carry them if we don't have to have them). We'd plan to get to Lunch Counter on Saturday, setup camp and hang out. Waking up early (alpine start probably) to head for the summit with a hope of being back down to camp mid-day. If the weather ends up sucking we'll pack up and bag it (ugh that'll be a long day with the extra 3.25 miles) and if not we'll probably spend Saturday night on the mountain and head out Monday morning. Anyone else planning on giving it a go this weekend? Plan to call the rangers later this week to check on things.
  5. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    Non-snow route vs. non-snow approach are very different. Agreed, I wear some trail running shoes for most of my standard hikes. However, for alpine routes, mixed, glaciated, etc. I won't be wearing tennis shoes nor am I a fan of carrying a pair of boots on my back unless I really have to.
  6. Adams .....ready?

    22.5 miles? Am I missing something? 5.7 miles from the normal trailhead to summit I thought, plus 3.25 miles due to road closure. I've heard suskudorf ridge is the route still, what's the difference with this route? Hard to find beta online about it. Planning to be up there 30th - 2nd on the South Spur and setting up camp at Lunch Counter
  7. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    Well I called in a favor and had the parents use their 20% off at the REI sale. I picked up the Nepal EVOs and they picked up the Mont Blanc's. Wore both around the house for a few days and found the Mont Blanc to be a bit tight fitting across my instep and started to get uncomfortable as time went on. Tried different lacing options but no improvement without causing slippage. For only $80 more after the discounts, opted to go with the Evos. Wore them for my recent crevasse rescue course and enjoyed them a lot. Not nearly as warm as my double boots but lighter, and a bit more comfortable for a full day. Looking forward to them!
  8. Climbers bivouac

    Spoke to someone today who was out there last weekend (Memorial Day) and they said not yet.
  9. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    I've been using Scarpa Inverno boots (with the high altitude liner) for a little while now and while it does keep my feet plenty warm and worked fine even on the bigger trips (Baker, Rainier, etc.) I find them to be a bit more clunky/heavy then I would prefer when dealing with a non-snowy approach. Hoping to find a leather / lighter weight boot as my go-to. I have been considering the La Sportiva Nepal EVOs for a while now due to them being the standard really. They are a bit spendy but, your feet are one of the most important areas to not skimp on IMO! I'm also considering the Scarpa Mt. Blancs depending on how the La Sportiva's fit. My question to those with the Nepal EVOs or experience with these types of boots around here - do you find them to be flexible enough to do most of your climbing activities in the WA/OR area? Volcano / North Cascades / Ice Climbing / etc. I'd keep my Invernos in case I need the super warmth. I do have feet that run a little cold (at least one foot as I broke my ankle years ago and it has had poor circulation since). I've never had issues with cold feet in the Invernos though. Thoughts or recommendations? With the REI 20% off right now - the Evo's be 408+ tax and with the return policy - if they don't fit after an outing I'm not completely screwed.
  10. Employee Garage sale at Mtn Shop of Portland

    Sale going on during normal store hours? I'll be down in PDX this weekend and in between hitting up the breweries with college buddies I might have to swing by!
  11. Odd post on CL seems like stolen gear

    Didn't a shop in Bellingham get broken into a while back? Not sure what all got taken but... crossed my mind when I read this.
  12. Snow Lake snowshoe route - beta?

    Due to tree thinning closer on 9031 - had to bag my thought of hitting up Mason lake so now falling back on Alpental. Checked out WTA trip reports and sounds 'ok' - thinking of heading out that way snowshoeing for an overnight - if conditions suck we'll play it safe and just camp in the valley well before source lake (near the river, I've never camped here but always see tents in there). With the NWAC not reporting any longer hoping someone has recent beta from this week. Planning Saturday morning heading out around 8am and coming back early Sunday so pack is firmer. Might bag it if we keep getting rain though.
  13. So I want to take up Ski Mountaineering / Touring

    Thanks for the advice/thoughts so far. I have taken an AIARE Level 1 and plan to take Level 2 next winter. I also have experience with navigation skills and winter travel.
  14. Don't hate me, I live in this wonderful area and have never once tried skiing or snowboarding. But, after several trips over the last two years I've witnessed folks both enjoy and benefit from skis - I'm intrigued, curious and anxious to give it a try. So some questions for those with experience or better yet have gone through (or know someone who has) a similar interest in learning a new activity! 1) What is the common ski gear for ski mountaineering? Randonee? Alpine Touring? Other? 2) What's the best way to get started getting comfortable on skis and picking up touring? (I have friends who ski in bounds at Crystal, etc. but I'm alone in the interest of touring and ski mountaineering) Assuming the best bet will be to take a beginners ski course up at the Summit next January Other suggestions? 3) What's a good setup (Skis, bindings, skins, boots, etc.) to get into it for not too much $ but will be versatile to maybe last a season or two while I get my feet wet? When / where is a good place to look into used gear? Being that I'm also getting more into ice climbing, would randonee boots be better for use with crampons? Any other advice is greatly appreciated! I'm all new to this idea and want to keep my eyes out in the off season to see if there are any used/off season deals on gear to get started. Also want to make sure I'm planning ahead for next winter! I know I'll have to hit up Pro Guiding's Touring classes and trips for sure.
  15. Recommendations for a camera for climbing

    Slowest......Camera........Ever. But I've seen one dropped a long ways and be just fine. So it really depends on what you need. Yeah - but if it works for what you're looking for... and holds up, does the job. I'm by no means a camera snob and really don't care much about speed, etc - just take a decent photo, don't break the bank and hold up to a little abuse and it'll work fine. I didn't want a camera I had to worry about if it got wet, got bumped or dropped, got too cold, etc. Works for my needs, might not for others.