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  1. Beautiful pictures!! And what a clear day...
  2. Washington/Ellinor Road Conditions??

    I was at Ellinor yesterday and the road to the lower trailhead is completely clear (although full of potholes). You cannot drive to the upper trailhead yet.
  3. Is my ice axe too short?

    I wear them because I hike in snow and on trails with streams that swell to 5-6" deep in the spring...
  4. Is my ice axe too short?

    Just out of curiosity, what about gaiters is old school? I can see why people would consider a leash unnecessary, but gaiters have been really helpful for me both while hiking and snowshoeing.
  5. Is my ice axe too short?

    Thanks for everyone's advice, and the link to that post. It outlined some good rationales for a shorter axe. I do have adjustable poles so it sounds like 60cm will be fine. Denalidave--that truck decoration could have all sorts of interesting implications seeing as I'm a girl... haha
  6. Is my ice axe too short?

    I'm a beginner climber (trying to bump up from hiking) and I bought an ice axe but I think it might be too short. I've read varying opinions -- it should reach your ankle, it should reach the ground, choose based on your height, etc. I'm 5'3 so almost all guides I've read say that I should have a 60cm or less axe. I purchased that length, but it doesn't even quite reach my ankle bone (and I thought I had long arms!). As far as use, I'm hoping to do Adams later this year and Baker and Rainier next year. Should I exchange it for 65cm or maybe even 70cm? Picture: (if you click on the picture, it's bigger)