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  1. FS: La Sportiva Nepal EVO's (size 45) SOLD!

    This breaks my heart. Ive been watching this forum for two months waiting for a pair of these in 45 to be posted and because of the christmas holiday wasnt able to check and missed these... /nerdrage
  2. La Sportiva Trango GTX - Size 44.5

    How could anyone make an offer without any real idea of what the condition is?
  3. Vantage question

    Just by the real guide book and dont forget, shake out the pump.
  4. Gear sale

    PM on kids harness
  5. Climbing with a prosthetic limb.

    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=707579611 Hugh Herr on FB
  6. Apprentice Mountaineer

    Bill, you may check out The Mountaineers. Ive heard good things about the smaller clubs in the outlying areas(Oly/Tac/Kitsap). The process is a bit slower with them but if you are new to the area youd have the opportunity to meet a ton of people who are at or around your same level.
  7. Seattle gym partner wanted, 10 week program

    Seattle Vert World means Magnolia? What times do you generally head to the gym?
  8. Chi Running

    Yeah running shoes werent even popular until what the 70s? I think mass marketing and capitalism is what has actually made a simple human function complex.
  9. Rianier May-June

    this is the most bizzare thread
  10. Rianier May-June

    https://4335418026816299332-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/stephabegg/home/projects/rainierstatistics/Routes-SummitAttempts.png?attachauth=ANoY7co4PyJz8aM6nqr612OW1lN5mpJdvVtsMlLzLVsdlp_wBY2cpl5KIxwNCpDtpai26vy2B-yv71rh9gqPgB-gHasBxQcknGmSAZ40ToKtg_SXc_fAGixlHwMneqEnH3Ik6hP_AKCXMKHV7rt-p80N2soq54fSz49AZvpQs6rZMkvUx4CF8Raryp8PEVGZmOG9bUIGlrVt2eFyCBwIDyt9LSQgInk6xs76qed0SfOtV3SCR1pVi4tvNzKkbYfv2R8v-wfNFqR0&attredirects=0 . https://4335418026816299332-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/stephabegg/home/projects/rainierstatistics/Routes-SuccessRates.png?attachauth=ANoY7cr38wV3mS-3wMq4osU7_1TGepDCcg3Rr2mE6UzUReB4MH9IThuntKKeta8a0QXupVzHYscuwqG8xAcRKGpuMfh-WtKxwaOBcbQQ1_F3xlSVf45_Gh-MHmBY0LGKpnqNVXygKQ6A8eYEW9N1wv2TrzF1wR2m-WIkTOrHGkXgxCV2LppH7lzXZz00TIO1e4WDVTaPl850r-Z25a3mqlSH3CAerJtix5KJikh2hhKING6EK39li_3qruQVNqkZcUbQQ6NNKU18&attredirects=0
  11. Torn Meniscus

    Seems like the severity of the tear would answer many of the questions which it seems youll soon find out. On another note, Johan Santana(pitcher for the Mets) finished the season pitching and almost pitched a perfect final game of the season a couple of years ago all with a torn meniscus. He had surgery as soon as the season was over and was fine in spring training.
  12. Rianier May-June

    Not sure I agrees with you on this one. https://sites.google.com/site/stephabegg/home/projects/rainierstatistics
  13. Rianier May-June

    Your climbing resume would probably be more appropriate than your skin tone.
  14. FS: Trango S, Lowe Ice Comp, Deadman

    PM sent on quickdraws
  15. Favorite Workout (or climbing) songs

    [video:youtube] Boris - Akuma No Uta
  16. I want to be a "new girl!" (need RN position!)

    I moved to Seattle last summer from NYC and I cant even begin to tell you how great its been. Just do it, you have lots of flexibility and freedom, if you have to find a shit job to pay the rent until something permanent happens do it but by all means try to make the most of the summer. Winter isnt that big of a deal here but the weather is very different from the east coast so you do have times where things get ugly. People in Seattle can be a little "stuffy" but if you traveled and it seems that you have, its no big deal.
  17. Biting the bullet...

    When I was in my mid 20s I traveled extensively and there is no job in the world that I would give those memories up for.