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  1. Wanting any beta/ route conditions for any of these routes, have a trip next week and would like to know before I choose: White Chuck/Gerdine/Cool Glaciers - Glacier Peak Blue Glacier - Mt. Olympus emmons winthrop - Rainier
  2. Selling a slightly used pair of Kayland Hyper Traction in US men's 11. Only used on a couple trips, fantastic boot but just a tad smal. These Boots treads are practically new, very light wear on the upper due to the velcro gaiter. US Men's 11 -175$ includes shipping Photos are: https://www.geartrade.com/item/442812/kayland-hyper-traction-boots-11-mens
  3. Selling a few things to clear both my closet and my wifes. Would like to sell local in Seattle area but out of area buyers would have to pay for shipping. Everything is like new condition OR Floodlight Jacket in Men's Mediums and Women's Small. Both are Mint condition hardly ever used. 75$ Each. Marmot Rom jacket for Women. Small in black also in Mint condition. 40$ Kayland Hyper Traction Mountaineering Boots. Used less then 3 times. Too low volume for my wife's instep. 100$ OR Floodlight Women's Small in Black OR Floodlight Men's Medium in Black Marmot Rom Jacket Women's Small in Black Kayland Hyper Traction Mens 6.5, Women's 8
  4. Scarpa Charmoz 10.4 / 44 Used once on a climb. $100 cash Located on Eastside - would be willing to meet up PM me for Phone number!
  5. Normally La sportiva fits Narrow but the baruntse with it's heat moldable bootie fits more of a standard fit in the forefoot with a narrow heal.
  6. Still Available, will post more photos.
  7. Adam Watts


    Selling my pair of La Sportiva Baruntse 43.5EU - 10.5 US. Molded once, used once. Almost new condition! Selling them for 300 including shipping anywhere in US. Killer deal for almost new boots. PM me or text me at 425-260-4346 [img:center]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CTC4z1ilB9c/UhW3BK7yLtI/AAAAAAAALck/QEU3PydZUvo/s640/P1100246.JPG[/img]
  8. The First Ascent line of Tents and sleeping bags are vastly underwhelming. Heavy double wall tents at over 10lbs? No thank you. Sleeping bags that don't even give details on their fill weight? Pathetic attempt to enter the gear field.
  9. Terrible news. Hope a speedy recovery!
  10. Thanks for the responses guys! I think I with carry a standard 24" picket and then buy a 36" picket and cut it in half for a 18" picket. Each person will have 2 piece of pro and it will save on weight.
  11. Is carrying 2 pickets overkill, or do many climbers do that? What is the typical setup?
  12. If one uses their ice axe as a second piece of pro it really limits their ability to clear the lip of the crevasse and to use the axe itself to prevent the rope from cutting then into the lip. So does that mean that for a 2 person glacier team that everyone has 2 pickets?
  13. In regards to a 2 person glacier team how much snow protection is required for each member to carry? I remember reading that every member of a glacier team should carry at least 1 piece of pro like a picket or fluke but does that ratio change when there are only 2 people of a team? If each member of a 2 person glacier team has only 1 piece of pro, one can't back up their snow anchor which is always taught. I was thinking that each member of a 2 person team might carry 1 24" inch picket and 1 snow fluke. That way one could arrest the fall and place probably the picket first because it might be easier to place then back it up with a snow fluke for a bomber anchor.
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