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  1. price reduction. someone buy this stuff so i can fix my truck!
  2. Reduced. I need to get rid of this stuff before I leave for school and my climbing has been indefinitely put on hold. Rope has only been used at Vantage twice and the draws are brand new. Ill make a deal for anyone who wants to take a bunch or all of it at once. Wouldnt be a bad getup for someone new to sport. Its all pretty much new as it was purchased as backup incase my tagging along lead to shortage in gear. Millet Cristal 9.8 + bag 150 WC Wild Wire 5/6cm 7ea never used WC Wild Wire 10/12cm 7ea never used
  3. Compact Calories

    Goes along with the pork vibe in here but my favorite type of sausage to pack is landjager. I recently even saw some of this at a gas station in Cle Elum. http://bavarianmeats.com/Products/Detail/Landjaeger.html only problem is its usually kinda pricey
  4. Looking for some suggestions

    http://brouwerscafe.blogspot.com/ Rest and carb loading...
  5. Any camping open yet in the Icicle?

    A friend was down there last weekend and said Eight Mile still had snow on the ground... Not sure how much though.
  6. CiloGear Worksack 60 Large - SOLD

    still available
  7. CiloGear Worksack 60 Large - SOLD

    I would also consider a trade for a 15-20 degree down bag
  8. I have a basically new worksack that im looking to get rid of. Its a great pack but with two little kids at home its just way more than I need since I mostly do short trips these days. I bought it at Second Ascent about a month ago and have used it once on a day trip down off the Carbon River Road. Ill post some pics when tonight when I get home. All extra straps included. Looking to get $225(shipping included) Cheers Burke Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
  9. Vantage top rope?

    get the book, youll save yourself tons of time wandering around...
  10. Who is doing what this summer/fall?

    Son will be bagging his first summit, the rest of my stuff is forgettable.
  11. BD Nut Tool

  12. Vantage Bulletin Board

    There is currently a single stall in the parking lot. Dont forget to bring your own TP.
  13. Vantage accident 3/18/12

    Saw the chopper come and go that afternoon and its good to hear that youre on the mend. Cheers! -Burke
  14. SS crampons vs aluminum (Dane ?)