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  1. Mammut Marook GTX Boots Mens 9.5 =42.5

    get em while hot
  2. Mammut Marook GTX Boots Mens 9.5 =42.5

    2 years old but not very used. N Everett location. still available. riddell30 at gmail
  3. sorry for vague description but not found by me. pm me. they are now located in Everett
  4. Any thoughts on great 3 season climbing boots? My Mammut Marooks climbed great but don't fit well. weigh only 1720g I am covered for winter boots. I'll have to hit a store to try some on but welcome opinions & experiences- good and bad...
  5. lightly used- though they climb great and are super light they don't fit me quite right: Mammut Marook GTX Boots Mens 9.5 =42.5 1720gm http://www.mammut.ch/en/productDetail/301000420_v_3107_85/Mamook-GTX%C2%AE-Men.html 5 star reviews: http://www.backcountry.com/mammut-mamook-gtx-boot-mens#review make an offer
  6. Northern spain open to interpretation- sounds like you're willing to travel. It is a large country. I spent 2 months bike touring and sport climbing there with my wife. Sella and El Chorro are both some of the 5 star larger places you could climb at for a month. Awesome! Summitpost.com is good for international destinations.
  7. WTB: Sky Valley Rock Guidebook

    I've got one in Everett that I'm not using - send me PM or an email
  8. So Rad! thanks for sharing! btw: there are more taxidermists in Everett than Taxis per yellow pages in case you want a pro to mount that rack (so to speak). ; )
  9. Fantastic! sounds like an awesome adventure!
  10. Fantastic report and pictures. Thanks for sharing! I climbed a week (and drank 'OL') there in 2001 and recall likening it to Quebec and NH too. Fantastic country but also very 'western' and less exotic than some places. This makes it easy to get around if you have the dough - it was expensive even then. I believe the amazing fjord regions are less NE-like. I have some guidebooks/contacts to share if anyone is similarly inspired for rock.
  11. Thinking for a week away June 11 or so. Anyone been up there lately? Cheers, Vinny
  12. recommendations for Juneau June day trips?

    anyone know anything about the prominent couloir in this photo? http://www.summitpost.org/view_object.php?object_id=447927
  13. Hey there, we're looking do find some ice or rock climbing around Juneau in mid-late June. just a couple days rules out the big routes unless there are super cheap chopper flights. I Found the sea cliffs potential- mile33 and Jumbo summer couloir looks good after the approach: http://www.summitpost.org/trip-report/503475/Mount-Jumbo-Summer-Couloir.html any other recommends? Cheers, Vinny
  14. The Everett Mountaineers offers an AIARE Level One Avalanche Safety course during December 2008. The course is oriented towards backcountry skiers, snowboarders, climbers, scramblers and snowshoers. It includes instruction in avalanche awareness and avoidance, hazard evaluation, traveling techniques in avalanche terrain, and avalanche rescue (beacon, probing, and shovelling techniques). Special focus on terrain selection and decision making in avalanche terrain. If you have any questions please e-mail me at riddell30 at gmail.com. Further details on the web site www.everettmountaineers.org/skiing/skiing_courses.cfm#AvSafe Avalanche Safety Level 1 Course, 2008 Revised September 11, 2008 Course code: TBA Class size minimum: 5 Class size maximum: 50 Non-members allowed enrollment: Yes Member cost: $125.00 Non-member cost: $195.00 The Everett Mountaineers offers an AIARE Level One Avalanche Safety course during December. The course is oriented towards backcountry skiers, climbers, scramblers and snowshoers. It includes instruction in avalanche awareness and avoidance, hazard evaluation, traveling in avalanche terrain, and avalanche rescue. The field trips involve very cold and wet weather with elevation gains up to 1,000'. Students of the Backcountry Ski and Snowboard courses and the Ski and Snowboard Mountaineering Course are automatically enrolled in the Avalanche Safety course; completion of the avalanche course is required for graduation from these courses. Other winter scramblers, climbers, skiers, and snowshoers - additional openings in the avalanche course are available. Course Fee: The fee does not apply to students enrolled in Everett , Backcountry, or Ski Mountaineering courses. Course Lectures: Please be on time - we have lots of information to cover. Please bring pencil and paper for taking notes. Equipment will be discussed at the first lecture. Shovels, probes, avalanche transceivers, and either skis or snowshoes (snowshoes recommended) are required for the field trips. 457-kHz single-frequency avalanche transceivers are required. The old 2.275-kHz single-frequency transceivers are not acceptable for the avalanche course. For course information, please contact: Mike Palmer, ski-back@everettmountaineers.org, or Lee Wilcox. For enrollment sign up with the Club House, 206-284-8484,or online at www.mountaineers.org, sign ups will be taken the night of the first lecture if there is room. Avalanche Safety Course Instructors: If you have previously taken the Avalanche Safety Course and are interested in helping instruct at this year's course, please contact Mike Palmer, ski-back@everettmountaineers.org. You'll get to practice and improve your skills, help others to learn about avalanches, and we'll greatly appreciate your help. COURSE SCHEDULE: Date Activity Description Time, Location Sep. 10, 2008 Registration Starts 2008-09 Backcountry Ski and Snowboard and 2008-09 Ski and Snowboard Mountaineering Courses are automatically enrolled. 09:00 am, Nov. 24, 2008 Registration Ends 05:00 pm, Nov. 25, 2008 Lecture 1 6:30 pm, Vertical World Dec. 2, 2008 Lecture 2 6:30 pm, Vertical World Dec. 9, 2008 Lecture 3 6:30 pm, Vertical World Dec. 13, 2008- Dec. 14, 2008 Field Trip 1 Overnight at the lodge. There is additional charge for the lodge. Shovel,Probes,Beacons are required for field trip. Sign up will taken on the first nite if there is room. 8:00 am, Mount Baker _________________________