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  1. Also super thanks to the Rainman Chris Greyell and Darryl Kralovic, who I have also learned alot from. People give me weird looks here when I use a hand drill....it keeps it real.
  2. haha, yeah that would be pretty sweet. I know this area seems really far away, but I post on here because I am from Port Townsend, WA. Need to let everyone know that the PNW tradition is expanding to other parts of the world. Special thanks to the boys that taught me to trad, Austin Stringham, who learned from Mark Webster, and Brandon Workman, who taught me development and trad, which was passed down to him by Dallas Kloke. Thanks you guys. Be passionate and do it for love. You rock, Mike Dobie
  3. Trip: Li Ming, Yunnan, China - Multiple trad routes Date: 1/14/2013 Trip Report: Hey all, for those of us who are still addicted to crack in the mix of puzzling hard bolt protected routes, there are still new cracks being climbed. This valley in Northern Yunnan has seen many first ascents this fall. Including a possible 5.13/13+ that needs an FFA. On top of this Black Diamond and the North Face also put on China's first trad climbing festival here. I've started developing in a whole new valley and have put up a grip of new routes some 5.8's, 9's,10's, 11's, and yes even 12's. Here are a few pics. Li Ming is now totally close to 200 routes with only 2 years of climbing development. I develop trad professionally in China and if you want to keep in touch please check out my blog at mikedobie.tumblr.com At some point I will post a TR on the last expedition to keketuohai! Which is up and coming with over 50 routes and we've managed to settle the access issues. Peace be the journey! Mike Dobie Major Climbing Valley A route called Ahkum Rah Upper layback section of Ahkum Rah Sarah on Brazen Hussie Gear Notes: Its like Indian Creek but the lines have more personality. A double rack of cams will do you well. Approach Notes: Fly over the pacific ocean to Beijing, Shang hai, or Hong kong. Then fly to Lijiang, Yunnan then take a 3 hour bus to Li Ming
  4. You Rock Brandon! Miss you buddy! Might be home this summer would love to develop with ya! Peace, Mike dobie
  5. Hey Turin, I'll be around Liming until the end of Feb. Around that time I will be posting the new updated guidebook on junshanclimber.com and you can get all the new route beta from it if we aren't around. But it would be RAD if you made it while we are here! Travel safe dude and you can contact me at mdobie012@gmail.com
  6. Man Adam, probably not going to be back around the US for a long time. We have a few other projects we are working on here on an epic scale. You should go on a climbing holiday to China man! Get some first ascents! Hope your well dude! And Rad you rock man! I still remember that sweet route you put up next to Guillotine at 38. Sweet route man and sorry I couldn't get back to it this last summer. Miss you guys!! Mike d
  7. Trip: Liming, Yunnan, China - Multiple trad routes Date: 1/29/2012 Trip Report: Location: Liming, Yunnan Type: 2011-12 Development trip Hey all, the team and I have been busy in China's first traditional climbing area. So far we have established over 85 new routes this season. Including Air China, a 5.13d put up by Matt Segal and multiple 5.12 and 12+/13-'s put up by myself and Eben Farnworth. I will be putting a new guidebook out at the end of the trip in the beginning of march. It will be available for free at junshanclimber.com so please check it out! Thank you Black Diamond and Kailas for sponsorship! There has been rumor of access issue in Liming and over the last few months we have never been told not to climb and the government officials have been giving us thumbs up! Turns out they are building a hostel for climbers and backpackers in the Liming village. Looks like they see the value in our work and its great to be of service! Here are a few pictures for stoke! Love you all and come shred in China, Mike Dobie and team Pitch 2 of Back to the Primitive went free at 11d/12a...I don't know which...you be the judge Mick on The Great Owl 5.9 Eben Farnworth our photographer from the UK on a first ascent of a route that has yet to go free Mike d on a route that Matt segal put up called the Faraway corner, went free at 5.11+ One valley that has seen most of the development There are at least eight more like this over 40 square kilometers. Gear Notes: Cams, cams, cams, and slings and a 60m Approach Notes: Fly to Lijiang, China and take the three hour bus to Liming. Bring money and tape.
  8. Love the routes Chris and Darryl! Thanks a lot for the hard work! It is nice to have great routes in this area. I really enjoyed learning from you as a developer and am so thankful to take the knowledge to new route development in Liming and China. Darryl come back to China man! Liming now has 93 established routes! You rock man!!! Will post a TR soon. Peace be with you, Mike Dobie
  9. Yo B, thank you so much for having me along for route! Totally awesome and happy it could get done this year. Miss you guys and sending stoke from the land of China! Mike d
  10. Good job guys! More stoke for the China land heading your way! Looks like an epic experience! You guys rock and hat's off. Brandon come to China and send with Matt Segal and I~!! Peace be with you, Mike
  11. Awesome looking route my friend! Sending you stoke from the China land! Rock on, and good to climb with you this last summer!
  12. Those are the best routes I've climbed out at Exit 38, Thank you for the great work Rad! Skullduggery is a great project for the 5.12 climber! You rock man, Mike
  13. There is also a bit of information on rockclimbing.com under south china as I update the routes. Come out and experience this place everyone!!! Its great fun! Love you all, Mike D
  14. Hey all, here is the link to the free guidebook for the climbing in Liming in the Province of Yunnan, China. More sandstone crack climbing in the world now! Pick it up if you are planning a trip out there. Find it at this site and please spread the word about this new climbing area in China! junshanclimber.com You rock! Mike Dobie
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