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  1. be careful this spring

    So I'm seeing Raindawg (environmentalist) on common ground with Dane (one who drytools on rock). Striking. HOW ABOUT THAT!!! http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=594375 Here's a TR, with your name in it. I wonder how many miles of old growth timber was downed to make it easier to achieve this location?
  2. be careful this spring

    Rainmutt, either you're the biggest troll going on cc.com, or you're the biggest cop-out on record. You're no different than the rest of us who pick and choose their ethics on what is convienent to their passion. The fact that you dismiss such things such as roadways and deforestation to pave the path to your favorite crag, tradworthy as it is, is laughable. Grow up yourself. It's a stump. Dead. Get used to it. "Really? Are you, like, in Jr. High? Clueless you are." What are you fucking Yoda now?
  3. This years Tick List?

    Why, is Hyalite the new SS of Hood? Maybe you should go solo a hard rock route and post a TR about it.
  4. Define EPIC.

    Especially if you are wearing one of these! Yes, BUT WOULD YOU EAT THE TACO.
  5. Rockies

    My how things change so quickly. http://www.gravsports-ice.com/icethreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=6486#Post6486 Hey everyone, Things are super dicey out there. I went for a tour with some guests on a crevasse rescue/glacier travel course up towards Crowfoot Mountain/glacier- we could not proceed safely past the midway terminal moraines! The new snow (30-50cms) has come down not only with wind as the CAA has noted, but also with more moisture content. The two factors combine to form a settlement and/or windslab in the storm snow that is 30-50cm thick overlying very resistant surface hoar. I triggered two separate avalanches remotely, one from 200 meters away. Skied to the top of the gulley avalanche and inspected the crown line. Quite surprised to see how resilient the dirty hoar was. Much of the surface hoar remained and was upright. Take care out there, Eric Dumerac ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide
  6. Belay Methods

    I can't believe people on this forum actually banter about and mull over this bullshit. LOSERS. Who gives a FUCK?! BUS, SSS, STFU!
  7. Confidence Building Snow Climbs

    Braydon, I guess I should ask you to describe what you think is "steep snow". Just asking; for some of us, that's 55 degrees, for others, 35, and everything in between. It's ok if 40 degrees seems steep to you. As always, it's much easier to climb up everything than it is to go down. Regarding the NBC of Colchuck, "pup on the mountain" made a good point. Climbs such as these can vary from season to season. When I was on that climb, it was no more than 45 degrees, with maybe a slightly steeper bulge. Our group never got the rope out. In a thinner year, things can be "sportier" with interesting bergschrunds to boot. I believe I've seen you posting in the ice sections here, my guess is that this will be a relatively short hurdle for you, if you're getting after it. Even though goatboy had an interesting point about Leuthold Couloir (mainly that it still entailed the same downclimb of the SS of Hood that you didn't thoroughly enjoy), it truly is a non-stressful climb that is never too steep, provided you pick a day that is not too warm and that you leave early enough (but this applies to all "steep" snow climbs) so that you are above the hourglass and cruising to the summit in the early morning sunrise. Getting down 35-40 degree slopes on a day with an early alpine start, with a cold forecast, can be perfectly fine (read: leaving early enough to not sweat the descent). Don't go by yourself (at least for the first time), pick a good forecast/route to to it, and don't be afraid to bring a second tool. Above all, TAKE YOUR TIME after the summit, and don't be afraid to turn around, we all have. Come back safe, that's the most important part. Above all, remember that all of us have had to sweat out a downclimb at some point in the mountains, and no one wakes up and says "I can't wait to downclimb that slope after the top". And if they do say that, they're either lying or haven't been at it long enough.
  8. Confidence Building Snow Climbs

    PS- to stay on topic, I second the NBC of Colchuck.
  9. Confidence Building Snow Climbs

    What in the Sam Hell are you talking about? "If you are good"? Saying if your ESP is "good" to know where the hidden crevasses are? Not picking on ya here, but just saying it doesn't take much of a crevasse fall to cause an epic or worse.
  10. North Cascades Highway 20 temporarily closed

    How about a thanks for posting up the info, "Fred"? Or would you rather just spray your opinions and "rumours" about what the DOT is up to? THANKS DAN FOR LETTING US KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!
  11. Fight Club aka Calvin & Hobbes

    Second rule of Fight Club....you do not fucking talk about Fight Club!!!!11111
  12. Henry Rollins beats up a fan

    Good. Now go watch the whole movie to see what it's about. www.americanhardcoremovie.com
  13. Regressive Tax at Skull Hollow Campground

    Focking wee-tod-did. Let me kick that soapbox out from under your precious little feet. Homeless are one thing. Fine, go to a homeless shelter and volunteer or throw a power bar to your bretheren at a exit ramp where someone is in destitute need of food, water, whatever. The point is that you're defending squatters from having to clean up their shit. Garbage left everywhere, mattresses laying around abandoned, glass broken at the campsites. Sure, the homeless living in campers there aren't responsible for all of it but they're contributing to disrepair of the area. I'd pay 5 bucks every time to have a cleaner area and to keep the shit cleaned up. What the f....