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  1. All items include shipping to the lower 48. Open to all trades and im in need of BD C4 and C3 cams. All gear well taken care of.


    - Black Diamond Harness. In great condition - Sold

    Size M/L


    - Mammut Locker - sold


    - Tri Cams set of three - $ sold

    good condition just some marking on the from a sharpy


    - Trango Equalizer - 20.00

    good condition


    - TNF Mountaineering Pants - $ 50.00

    Great shape no defects. Full zip on both sides. Used them for mountaineering and back country skiing and they worked great. Hyvent fabric. Size Mens Large


    Photos on MP sorry can't get them to load here.




  2. What about the ultra tall. Will BD or other company custom make a tent? I know this would probably cost a ton and add weight defeating the purpose of what you want. Just wondering if companies will do it.

  3. I have a hard time paying 100$ bucks for a pair of Nike running shoes when Nike makes a 50$ shoe that works just as good.

    I have a hard time paying any amount of money for Nikes, because they all suck.


    We all saw you waiting in line for the new glow in the dark nike's. Be honest with your self DPS. :crosseye:

  4. I have a hard time paying 100$ bucks for a pair of Nike running shoes when Nike makes a 50$ shoe that works just as good. I get the buy cheap buy used. But at some point your paying for marketing and not performance. I agree that arcteryx stuff fits great, but mountain hard wear,first ascent soon copy the design for much cheaper. So I think buying the best in some cases is being taken for a little money. Although if you have the time to find screaming used deals. Why not have the latest and greatest.


  5. Sounds like Patagonia's the shit! Do you guys think arcteryx and other companies that went over seas with their manufacturing lost quality in their products? Is Canadian made really better than chinese made?

    Im just a weekend climber that gets out about once a month. I haven't wore to many things out and honestly can't see a difference. I have these discussions climbing with buddies and I'm wondering what some of the masses think.

  6. I was talking with a buddy about brands of clothing and gear. He's a big spender when it comes to gear and I typically by whats mid range and on sale. (aka. TNF) Do you guys think arcteryx, Patagonia, and other high end brands are really that much better? I know there's a lot of factors involved fit, durability ect.. But for your weekend climber is it worth the money or is it just wanting the so called best and looking the coolest.

  7. I would not be surprised to hear folks that survive an expereince such as this say that they felt a greater level of safety in an OB area of a resort than in a true BC area. Something about being able to see lights, hear cars, smell exhaust, etc. may tend to make folks believe that they are still in a secure area close to civilization when in fact, they are not.



    Very sad my thoughts go out to everyone.


    Sobo you make a great point.

  8. I can't help but feel that there's a group of you that are ban wagon bitchers. I've watched this in thread after thread. One guy post something then someone finds a way that it goes against there so called climbing code. Then BOOM! Open the flood gates to the bitch fest. Your threads are like my people magazine, I just get hooked.


    I like bitching about spelling.





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