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  1. I second a DAS jacket and can't really speak to many others. What I can say is you can find really good deal buying one used. New is always nice but you can get a better jacket in your price range buying used. you can find them a lot on CC or mountain project.

    Just a thought.

  2. Bkboooo what cell phone service do you use. I have AT&T and it seems to get shitty service in the mountains. My buddy has nextel through is work and he always gets service. My evil contracts up soon I may switch.

  3. I climb Mt. Washington (Oregon) quite a bit and always like looking at the past entries in the summit register. Back in 2002 I climbed it in mid-summer and noticed that people were writing their summit entries on receipts and other scraps of paper. So about a month later I hauled up a professional 300 page log book and an ammo can with some slings attached. That day I proposed to my girlfriend on the summit. I diedicated the register with a brief summary of the climb and my love of the mountains.


    About a month later a friend of mine was on the summit on a busy saturday and watched an unknown person say something derogatory about summit registers just

    before he hucked it off the 1500 ft drop on the south side.



    That's mess up. I would have a hard time biting my tongue if I saw that. Some people only see there views on the mountain and it pisses me off. I thank you for taking a nice registry to the summit.


    Some people just suck!

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