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  1. Me personally. I would say it doesnt warrant but will probably come under fire. The very top section is the only place they would be needed and rocks could only fall 10 or 20 feet. Your in a rock hazard area for maybe 10 minutes when your up there.

  2. If you read the stories about him, his family is all in the rescue/ems/fire business. Helping others is part of his DNA.


    We weren't there. No one should blame the rescuees. The first rule of rescue is to ensure your own safety. If you feel compromised, don't do it. That is easy to say and hard to do.


    Some of this party ended up in a crevasse. They had enough going for them that they did not die or go off the mountain. We do not know if they were physically able to self rescue at that time. As a rescuer, I would much rather that you call when you are in trouble but not totally screwed. Those are much easier to do.


    No one intends to get in trouble in the wilderness - experienced, new, well equipped, ill-equipped. Sometimes we think we know what we are doing, and then we have an educational experience. There but for the grace of God goes you or I. Blame is unimportant. Learning is.




    Also great info buckaroo haven't been on that mountain yet. I often find myself forgetting about the big picture and focusing on the small issues. This is a sad reality check for all of us.

  3. Dude if you don't like that I'd stay away from Walmart. Parenting is old school my genaration is just letting the schools and government raise our kids. They do such a good job with the postal service why not raise our children.

  4. I've done the tarp thing and the put all your layers on thing. They work good for an overnighter that's dry. If you can afford one I would just buy a decent bivy sack though. I think it's the best of both worlds. It's light weight and will keep you dry and more comfortable than the other options.


    If anyone has any ideas or information about how the community has adapted to women, it would be very helpful. Thank you! :)


    I think someone in the marketing department at black diamond took a mens harness wrote women's on it so they could sell more harness. Then everyone else followed. I think their coming out with all women's c4 cams next year.

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