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  1. ""More power to you if your a badass. But it's the south side of hood not some super hard route. ""


    this statement is self contradictory.



    the top of the lift is only about an hour. It's 4 to 5 hours to the summit.


    If you need to ride a snow cat you aren't a climber


    That's my point not every one is trying to be " a climber ". Some of us don't need to tell people were climbers to feel good inside. We get out because we enjoy it, not to live up to someone else's standards. But it's cool if putting down the weak makes you feel better about your own climbing ability.



  2. Lots of very evil poison oak at broughtons. But if your aware of what it looks like your fine. Broughton also has a nice trail to setup top ropes on some of the easyer routes. Rocky buttes another but it has a lot of garbage, glass, and crack heads. I agree with billcoe on ozone or broughtons.

  3. I did a all day guided trip out at smith with David potter and smith rock guides when I first got into trad. It was worth every penny and he supplies the gear. He showed me a lot of areas around smith I've never been and I picked up a ton of knowledge on proper gear placement. Just another option.

  4. This will be an overnight trip. The guys I'm taking have never done any real climbing and want a good entry level climb. I want to camp at those tree line sites close to the PCT trail. Thanks for the info.

  5. Clicked on the link that talked about a new climbing gym in Portland or. (the edge). They talked about the east side as a location. I've always thought NW would be the best spot for a new gym. Upper class portlanders with money to waste. With the new circuit and PRG on the east I would have thought that market would have been saturated. What am I missing?

  6. I've read that totem basics are only slightly different. Why would you buy fixe at a higher price? I understand totem is limited in sizes right now. Anybody used both and can say ones better than the other? I'm assuming that may be what plaidmans goal is.

  7. After looking at the specs and the look of the product I wonder who their marketing this too. If this stuff is really designed by guides as they say. Im sure they would bach at some of these specs. I wondering if there target group is car camper that want to look cool.

  8. I personally can't stand baggy clothing when I'm climbing. It drives me crazy. But i think that buying big is the way to go. I would find the brand you want with the fabric and features you want. Go try it on in the stores find what fits and shop around for the best price. Take your time fits a big deal to me. Although it took me a few trips to find the setup I like the best. If your new to climbing I wouldn't go crazy buying up gear you may change your mind like me after a couple trips.

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