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  1. eat whatever you like.


    I love junk food. I've bought food for my whole trip at seven eleven several time on the way out of town. Snickers and cheese puffs are so good in camp.

  2. Yes I would bring crampons. The slopes can get steep enough where you will need them. There was a guy who died last year on the south side route. When I believe he slid in to some rocks on a fall. Try the mountain shop on sandy.

  3. Rent from The Mountain Shop much cheaper. You can look them up on the inter web. They also have the beacon locaters things which might not be a bad idea for you. Those guys know what there talking about if you have questions about the gear also. REI can be hit and miss. Have fun climbing!

  4. For me, nothing beats a can of cold beans. Also, years ago, lobster guts (brown and salty spread) in a can at 35 cents each, were palatable. Don't know what this is called.....nor what it costs today, nor even if still available. In Europe, try (the pricey) Schmaltz..(refined pig fat)...in many delicious flavors



    Yuck! Your way more hardcore than me. Wwwwaaaaayyyy more.

  5. It's public and private ambulance.


    It's mostly the county that decides. When they realize they can't manage their money as well as a private company they put the 911 transport up for bid. Example would be Washington county. Metro west holds that contract. So if you call 911 the county dispatcher sends fire and a private ambulance to the scene. The fire department typically gets there first and starts working on the patient then turns it over to metro west when it's time to transport. Metro west then pays the fire department back for any medical stuff used. Metro then will take care of all the billing. Ka ching!


    Some counties still have fire transport and there all set up different. Some require an annual fee to live in a certain area which would cover all your 911 needs. All the states have a different way of funding the fire department. Oregons is funded off of property taxes.

  6. I was reading about the recent kayakers out at bridal vail falls and was wondering if they would be charged for the rescue. This is not political, I'm not choosing sides. I'm wondering at what point do you get charged for a rescue? If you have all the right gear and a freak accident happens, do you get charged? Who makes the call on whether you get a bill? I'm Just simply wondering how the system works and not trying to push any bodies buttons.


    Thanks Chris

  7. I'm looking at getting a randonee setup next winter. Since they can get pretty pricey I'm going to buy a used setup. I'm wanting them for back country approach and ski descents. Is it better to put more money towards the boots or the ski and binding setup?



  8. Thanks for the info guys


    Note: I said rock solid site.


    Meaning a website that up dates every day.


    I've been using the above sites just wanted to see if there were any other popular sites out there. Thanks again.

  9. I can't speak for for your boots but I have friends that have done Adams in similar boots and it was ok. Not ideal as jeff said. My local shop in Portland the mountain shop rents leather boots that would be better for pretty cheap. I might look in to something like. This is a good way to demo a pair for a future purchase also.

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