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  1. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Has anyone been up NW Butt on Chair recently? wondering how the weather has affected the route since the last report
  2. wanted to buy BD Eldorado Tent

    I have a Bibler fitzroy if you're interested
  3. [TR] Mount Baker - North Ridge 6/3/19

    Any guesses on how long this route will stay in (without a headache of crevasse navigation like later in the summer)? I was hoping to do it in July this year...
  4. [TR] Mount Baker - North Ridge 6/3/19

    Perfect - Thanks Chris!
  5. [TR] Mount Baker - North Ridge 6/3/19

    Where is the rocky right variation in this photo? to the right of the climbers bag?
  6. question Scarpa Freney XT??

    Hope I don't catch too much shit for digging this up... I have a near new pair of Freney XT I am trying to make work on my foot How do these boots compare, size wise (and where) compared to the Nepal EVO? I have the Nepal EVO as well, and it fits me well, but the scarpa I get heel lift, even with orthotics and using several overhand knots as I lace the boots. Anyone remember these boots?
  7. Sale - lots! Cams cams & more cams. Biners too

    What do you have remaining?
  8. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 7/16/2017

    Thanks for the info! We went for it but didn't know about the advanced permit vs first come first serve. We arrived 7:30am Saturday and all 6 permits for this side were taken. We camped at Lake Anne, made for a long day 2. Unfortunately didn't do the SE ridge because I was concerned about wet rock after some rain and the summit pyramid being in the fog the entire morning until 7-8am or so. However if we waited till later in the morning we could have done it, by the time we topped out of the gully a guide and client had done the ridge, leaving at 8am from the base. They encountered wet rock
  9. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 7/16/2017

    Ah that's disappointing - especially since I was hoping for a dry summit pyramid to do the SE rib...
  10. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 7/16/2017

    I am planning on doing this route this weekend - but the weather calls for 30% chance of rain Saturday- around the same time I would on the trail to the chimneys. Anyone with experience with the forecast want to chime in - is it still worth it to try out?
  11. Mt Baker - North Ridge Questions

    Thanks - I enjoyed your report
  12. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 6/4/2017

    Awesome report! why will it be more difficult to pass the upper seracs?
  13. Mt Baker - North Ridge Questions

    Anyone get on the ridge this long weekend?
  14. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman Deming 5/21/2017

    Did you get a good look at the North Ridge route? Or any zoom pictures?