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  1. I posted another post above. Here is more gear I have to sell. Biners. Lots. Prices per biner (discount if buy multiple): Camp nano both colored and grey. $8 Locking carinbeiners. Black diamond. $8 Mammut wire gate $5 Metolius wire gate $5 Black diamond cams c4s (prices listed, would consider further discount for set) : 0.1 (old style) $25 0.2 (old style, needs trigger wire) $20 0.4 $45 0.5 $45 0.75 $45 1 $50 2 $50 3 $50 (needs trigger wire) 4 $65 5 $90 Black diamond c3s: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 lightly used. $45 each or set for $210 Offset cams: Alien yellow/red. Never used. $55 Metolius offset master cam size 1. Never used. $40 Consider reasonable offers on all.
  2. Hi. I'm moving and stopping climbing. So I have a lot of things to sell. I will accept any reasonable offers for things listed here. I took great care of my gear and retired anything that was ever dropped. I stored it carefully as well. Grigri 1 $40 Grigri 2 $60 (SOLD!) Chalkbags, various sizes colors $5 each Hangboard $65 Rope bag and rope $60 (see below**) Hexes BD #5,6,7 $20 for set SOLD Tricams pink red blue black $40 for set. SOLD Aleins, various sizes-blue green yellow gray $40 each. Metolius master cams. Size 4 or 5 (red ONLY... black SOLD). Used only once. $30 each I have a ton of biners as well. If you're interested you can look at them in person. Both locking and non locking. Regular sized and small (e.g. Camp nano). $5-8 I also have shoes women's size 38. Mythos and murias are brand new w box/tags. $100 Katanas are used. $50 **The rope is a 60m 9.8 mammut. I used it for about 2 years. I would say it has maximum a year left of normal use. No huge falls were taken on it, but some short falls (up to 15 feet max). It's dry treated. I don't remember the model.
  3. SOLD! Get a sweet aid setup for ~50% off! Pretty much a complete aid gear climbing set up minus the haul bag. I did a lot of research when buying and this is the top of the line gear for big walls like Yosemite stuff. Sadly I only ever used it on Wa column. So it's like new. I would love to sell the set but would consider offers for pieces of gear but then not half retail. Feel free to send a note with ideas. Retail for all is $480. Selling for $250. Retail prices listed Metolius 8 step ladders (2 one blue one yellow) ($40 each) Yates quick adjust daisy straps (2, one red one yellow) ($22 each) One Fifi hook ($15) One swivel ($60) 2 cam hooks ($14 each) 2 pretzel ascenders ($70 each) 1 hammer ($11) 1 grigri ($70) 1 pair belay gloves ($32) Would be happy to throw in some locking caribiners too, because any aider will tell you, you never have enough lockers!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some more partners this summer who can climb moderately hard (or just plain hard!). Trad. Or technically easier Alpine (like forbidden). Or get into aid/big wall. I climb 5.10s pretty competently if they aren't runout. I have climbed an 11 or two as well. I'm talking leading of course. I've got a huge rack (heh heh I know) and rope and car. just looking for a partner with skills shoes and a harness and some fun. I live in Seattle and also train at VW. Christie
  5. squamish 9/14-9/15

    I want to go to squamish this weekend and climb some rocks. Preferably long moderate/intermediate trad routes (up to 10s or following easy 11s). if things go well on sat... maybe even grand wall sunday (if weather doesn't turn)? if weather looks crap, maybe just crag... me: leading easy 10s right now, maybe harder (have in the past...we'll see). have car, rack, ropes. been climbing ages looking for someone safe and fun (the usual). driving from seattle. Christie
  6. What are the best climbs from the Stuart Zone in the Enchantments? Looking for 2 climbs 5.9-5.11- (ish) reasonable for a medium paced party of 2 in a day from this zone. Solid 5.10/5.11- leaders. Was thinking about GITM - but it seems like everyone approaches from the south? Can you get there from Stuart Lake? Also thinking west face of CBR. Anyone?? Also- don't need snow gear, right? (ice axe, crampons?). Just hiking boots and rock gear? Thanks! This is my birthday present this year! Christie
  7. Cascade Cobbler

    just had 3 pairs of resoles from cascade cobblers. not the absolute worst i've ever seen, but close. i heard such good things about them, but apparently they've changed and i guess now they suck. my former pointed sport climbing shoes are now rounder than the mythos, and my mythos are rounder than they started out. what a really really awful experience and a waste of $100. shoot. back to barry's resoles again. . .