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  1. Diamond Peak

    Has anyone been out to diamond peak lately. We were looking to climb in the next 2 weeks. Snow/ice? Thanks
  2. Diamond Peak

    Thanks..that what I wanted to know...Happy New Year
  3. Hood Conditions?

    Saw the fall. Hope she heals quickly. As someone that was solo'ing I was grateful to see the sense of community and the way people responded to help out. Kudos and be safe
  4. how was the trip across the summit ridge
  5. FS: 181cm K2 World Piste Skis - Price Dropped!

    Do they work with any climbing boots
  6. Mt. Adams 7-23 South Side

    Going up Saturday but that wont help you...maybe see you up there
  7. Routes on Shasta

    Looking for suggestions for a route up shasta. Have done hotlam bolum and AG. In that range of difficulty. Summitpost and climbing cascade volcanos seem to differ on thier rating
  8. Routes on Shasta

    Thanks guys, casaval looks like what were looking for...got the route now we need the weather...
  9. Routes on Shasta

    Thanks DPS. That is one of the routes we are considering. Weather permitting we are shooting for Memorial day weekend.
  10. Hotlum/Bolam beta needed on Shasta

    There is good camping from about 10000 to the top of a ridge at about 10600. Cant remember if there was water to filter or if we melted snow. Great climb/ perfect time of year.
  11. La Sportiva Miura's Size 46 - $65 or trade

    I think Im in the same boat as you. I have 45.5s now. I think 46 would be too big. What size are your regular shoes
  12. Mt Hood this weekend

    Like everyone else we have been waiting for a weather window to land on a weekend. What is the consensus on the avy danger. Looks sketchy. Anyone have some beta
  13. FS: Like-new Approach Ski Setup

    do they work with any crampon compat boot
  14. Old Chute direct from Illuminationn Rock?

    Give yourself more credit..3-4 hours is more than reasonably fit
  15. mt hood loop

    Anyone know if the loop is passable. I remember hearing something about a section being closed. Hoping to do it soon to make it a snowshoe trip. Is there a better time of year?
  16. Yakima 1A Hi Rise Towers set of 4

    I'll take them.Give me a call when you get a chance
  17. Yakima 1A Hi Rise Towers set of 4

    Don't know if the first one went thru. Am interested.541-888-0444
  18. avy conditions

    Took a trip up the SS saturday and was miffed to find only about 4 other people. At dawn there were several booms as they unleashed some snow(seemed close by) Got to the hogsback and decided the area by the old chute looked too unstable. 1-2 feet of powder. Is that area prone to avy'
  19. [TR] Mt. Hood - Leuthold Couloir 3/20/2010

    Love that route. Notice any cracks opening up?
  20. [TR] Mt Hood - Leuthold Couloir 2/22/2010

    Early start kicked our butts as well. Wind was brtal. Any official readings
  21. [TR] Mt Hood - Pearly Gates 2/7/2010

    Nice!! What did the weather turn out to be
  22. Lodging around Mt Hood

    Get the real experience and catch a few hours sleep in the car. Overnite parking is no prob
  23. North Sister conditions

    Thanks, I,ll give a call