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  1. Flogging people in the ICU until their last cell finally gives up has nothing to do with the healthcare systems drive for profit. It has everything to do with the western concept of death(refusing to sign do-not-resusitate orders, choosing aggressive treatments over palliative care, family members ignoring the wishes of the pt when decision making is shifted to them) Doctors and nurses would love to let people go in peace; the public often demands the opposite. Just wait until genetic therapies become mainstream. You haven't seen anything yet.
  2. In a universe where entropy seems to be the underlying rule, chaos theory at times seems to imply a degree of organization emerging from disorder. This organizing force then goes onto drown 200-300 thousand peole in a tsunami. A god of peace love and understanding.
  3. Damn...... there is enough sand up there to make a beach!!!!
  4. Its high up there on the list when Homeland Security does there risk analysis profiling.
  5. You mean that aliases populate this board???????????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Preventative medicine is a complete waste of time. It focuses on this obnoxious thing called "quality of life". We need to focus on longevity regardless of any potentially preventable chronic illness. I am going to look for the stats on that.............. "Remember kids..........Its about quantity not quality!!
  7. Are theses two screen names actually the same person.......... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......there is just this certain quality I can't quite put my finger on......obviously intelligent, well read, methodical, but yet it seems there is another trait.....Hmmmmmmmmmm............ Are they the same person?
  8. Its "amusing" to watch how far the verbal sadism goes. Keep on provoking them Tvash, they are really starting to show themselves for what they truly are.
  9. noliquidity


    Yea I only apologized for calling him a repub. That was totally uncalled for. Until you experience racism directly, you never fully appreciate its slow, grinding effects.
  10. noliquidity


    Wow, you gleened democrat in an inter-racial marriage who enjoyed plastic spoons (occassionaly silver colored) during his single-parent, working class childhood? You seem really fucking astute. Despite the questionable application of black-face, that costume is pretty funny on account of McLooty's a bit of a cultural icon. If you can't laugh at the expense of someone who loots a box of Henikens in the wake of a natural disaster, what can you laugh at? Sorry, it was a little below the belt to assume you were a republican. Just playing the odds. It is interesting though that you understood what I was implying. Are you married to an asian, there is a funny joke about chinese/japanese/vietnamese etc drivers; married to a latino, there is a funny joke about swimming across the Rio Grande; married to an African there is a funny joke about this overweight ethiopian,etc,etc,etc. Dont know if you have kids, but if you do, wait until they are in school. Those jokes suddenly start to take on a different tone. But hey its just a tough darwinistic self-centered uncivilized world out there anyway. Those jokes will toughen them up. FYI my last long term relationship was interracial. We lived in Texas, Indiana and now here. I witnessed first hand the effects of both subtle and not so subtle racism. I wish we had lived in the Utopia you are living in. Something tells me that kid in the picture wouldn't be running around dressed up like that in New Orleans. If he did it would actually make for an interesting You-Tube clip. Again I'm sorry I implied you were a republican. Its too bad about the spoons being plastic... Precious metals pricing
  11. This thread should be compilied into a motivational program titled "Ivory Towers"
  12. noliquidity


    little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head... that bunny song? I think the contemporary version involves a taser
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