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  1. Index TRs--serioulsy?!

    I think humor is one of the best aspects of the TRS posted here. A sense of humor is invaluable. You should try one out douche bag. You dont have to take climbing so seriously. Even reinhold messner and ed viesters talk about shit that has nothing to do with climbing. I think its a joy to hear about the stuff in between. If you climb you can relate to it.
  2. [TR] Hood - Cooper Spur 2/20/2010

    Dont do it
  3. [TR] Hood - Cooper Spur 2/20/2010

    skiing or snowboarding down the spur is a VERY BAD idea...one slip and your toast...elliot eats you for dinner...deathwish...Go for the old chute instead on the ss
  4. Nice work! Looks like you guys got the ultimate window...Im very curious about the spider myself....any good routes for summer minus rock fall?
  5. [TR] Mt. Hood - Cooper Spur 3/6/2010

    I love Coopers spur....I wish I had your conditions when I did it....when we got 500 ft below the summit we watched the bottom half of the spur slide and cruble beneath us....literally the whole thing....needless to say we got lucky....Nice work guys!
  6. [TR] Mt. Hood - Multiple routes 2/22/2010

    I didnt know eureka was still making tents! Awesome TR!
  7. Amazing TR Thanks guys Way to choose a unique aspect of the mountain!
  8. [TR] Twin Peaks - Wallowas - 1/16/2010

    Awesome! Reminds me of the Wasatch!
  9. 12/1/09 Mt Hood- Sunshine Route

    Yes my Ropegoat, We need to do a climb whether its rock, mountain, or Ice. I still think about doing another cyclosummit. When I don't know but I still want to do one. Thanks for readin. It was a ton of fun
  10. [TR] Shuksan - Curtis Blow 12/27/2009

    Sick Curtis Blow sounds!
  11. FS: BD Rages

    pm sent
  12. FS: BD Rages

    Dude Did you sell those yet?
  13. Mt Hood Climber's Registration Room Survey

    MAKE IT HEATED! for emergency bivys of course
  14. [TR] Mt. Hood - Ramona Falls 12/10/2009

    Awesome! Ive always wondered about Ramona. i guess I dont have to wonder anymore