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  1. 2011/12 Washington Ice Conditions

    FYI I don't know if it is allowed to be climbed anymore or not, but, that little flow within the Alpental ski area (off to skier's right, just down from the top of the first chairlift) is in. Probably in WI3/3+ condition, and readily able to be protected by screws.
  2. New Sterling Rope

    Never used--still in packaging: 1 Sterling dry 60M Evolution Velocity BiColor rope (color is blue). This rope with these specs retails for $310 (w/tax). Selling because I mistakenly ordered this rope in 60m instead of 70. $175.
  3. ASuper Sunday For Sure

    Anyone catch Squamish making an appearance in that Snickers Superbowl ad?
  4. Leavenworth ice update

    Truly, I think it is a picture worth learning from, but good on you for persevering. Nice work. I’ve made all the same mistakes, and have certainly lead pitches where it looked like I was ascending by direct aid. Good on you, too, for having some humility; unfortunately too many climbers lack this trait (especially on this board).
  5. Leavenworth ice update

    ??! Much can be learned from this photo.
  6. I couldnt agree more^. You people on this site are nothing but web trolling haters. The guy went out and climbed and had fun, what is wrong with that? You all sound so into yourselves, how do any of you people find others to climb with? I have been coming to this site for a few years to get info on areas I am planning on going or hoping to go, I have read some awesome TRs and had some great climbs as a result. In the years I have been coming to CC I have noticed the arrogant tone of those people who post repeatedly and it has become worse. I created a username just to post and tell you how much you negative nancies turn me and others off to this site. Where are the moderators who are supposed to keep things civil? Have fun talking about how the vocab the guys used in his last TR was used incorrectly, where did the talk about climbing go? It is overly annoying to come here to try and get info and you guys are bashing someone for not being as good of a climber as you. Hate on Trolls!! Zachski = summitchaser
  7. I've always understood a pink point to indicate pre-placed gear including draws on bolts. Recently, however, I've seen a distinction being made. To my original way of thinking, pink point fairly describes your ascent; however, given the possibly evolved definition of pink point, I'm not sure if pink point is an accurate description of your ascent or not.
  8. You can't technically "pink point" on fixed gear.
  9. M7? i.e., "Overhanging; powerful and technical dry tooling; less than 10m of hard climbing," i.e., roughly equivalent to 5.11. Put me down as "skeptical." There's really nothing "mixed" about this "climb"; I think you're misunderstanding the term. There was a dyno, "huge" or otherwise, in there somewhere? In sum, good on you for getting outside and trying something new, but bad on you for continuing to delude yourself, for posting another silly video, and for having near zero humility. I wonder if you will ever learn? I think a TR along the following lines would have been much more appropriate: Practiced some mixed climbing today near Lake Wenatchee at the crag knows as the “Demilitarized Zone.” The rock wasn’t stellar, but it was good enough for practicing a bit of mixed technique. I threw in a few bolts on one line which, given the less than stellar rock, made things a bit safer and also enabled me to practice leading. All in all a fun day. Anyone who’s interested in getting in some “mixed” practice might want to check out the line I bolted; PM me for directions.
  10. Did summitchaserCJB change his screen name?
  11. [TR] Guye Peak - West Face 11/9/2010

    The trees in the background, when oriented correctly, would suggest this climb (?) wasn't particularly gnarly (not, of course, that it needs to be). CJB, you crack me up man! You're suck a dork, but then so are most of the posers on cc.com (myself included), so it's all good!
  12. WTB - 33oz MSR Fuel Bottle

    What makes the old style better than the new style?
  13. [TR] Guye Peak - West Face 11/9/2010

    Seriously? After all the breaks we've tried to cut you and you post THAT?! Four minutes of scraping powder off of rocks with ice tools? You really don't get it do you? Please, have some humility and tell us that you were just trying to be funny (pssst...I'm giving you an out--for the love of god, TAKE IT!). Although, then again, you do appear to be learning: for once you're not claiming a first ascent.
  14. A pretty dumbass thing to do. Not impressed or amused. What are you, in frigging High School? What your video touts is an extremely dangerous practice that could easily result in hurting or killing someone, not to mention burning down the forest. Grow up. If the board moderators have a lick of sense, they’ll remove this video.