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  1. Hillarycare part deux

    It wasn't directed at you it was one of KKK's points against liberals
  2. Hillarycare part deux

    Oh and you are either a crazy Religious person or just plain fucking stupid if you oppose stem-cell research.
  3. Hillarycare part deux

    KKK- (and by the way I can't escape the irony of that being the abbreviation for your title) Why the hell are you complaining about being branded a specific title for opposing something, It's the #1 tactic of your prescious President and his lackies. Say the war on Iraq is going bad and you hate America, or even better oppose gitmo and you're a fucking terrorist.
  4. Hillarycare part deux

    Now you have resorted to quoting and then changing people's posts. Do you actually work for the Bush admin or does one of them just have you on one of those S&M chains with a tennis ball stuffed in your mouth.
  5. Another prophet of disaster

    Bittany Spears???? I thought you were supposed to be really smart. Apparently book smarts doesn't translate into being clever. I don't believe in the same things as you, so you better think of a better way to demean me. How bout calling me an assclown????thats pretty original....
  6. Another prophet of disaster

    The Apocalypse is going to happen before all of this anyway. That's why Republicans live like it's okay to ruin the Earth by 2050, isn't it??? skull
  7. Very Nice TR. I gotta tell ya, you got me sold on puttin that on my list of to-do's. Sounded like alot of fun, The pics were great, I've dont alot of hiking in the Olympics when I was younger and had no desire to go back but that changed my mind. Great Job also Goats are Bastards aren't they?!
  8. A New User Logons on a Posts on CC.com

    OOOOhhhh that's why he took oxy??? Then I wonder when Bill O'reily will have to start taking it.
  9. Kautz conditions

    I've heard alot of reports on other routes that say there is alot of water ice that must be protected and is still dicey. Sounds pretty bad, I was plannin on a late season attempt myself, but not so sure now.
  10. Clinton good, Bush bad

    I realized that when i thought about it longer, my bad.
  11. Clinton good, Bush bad

    They are bunkrupting our nation so that they can make more money for themselves.
  12. Clinton good, Bush bad

    Was that supposed to be something personal, because i was being sarcastic. I agree with you
  13. Clinton good, Bush bad

    Dont you understand???? You're wrong, not matter what you say or how you word it, if you disagree with them you are either a communist or terrorist.
  14. Sorry Steve, Russians sent it

    Of course you wouldnt, why would care,you when you obviously already know everything???
  15. Sorry Steve, Russians sent it

    Just wasn't the same without you.
  16. Sorry Steve, Russians sent it

    Cute little post, did you watch the discovery channel to get your info on high altitude climbing.
  17. Sorry Steve, Russians sent it

    I can't argue with climbers making it through tough spots because of gear left on the Mtn by others. Although alot of the ropes get pulled of the N Ridge every year by Resident Everest Ass Clown Russel Brice, after his expedition is done using them. But thats waaay off topic.
  18. Sorry Steve, Russians sent it

    No one cares if people leave ropes on Everest. There's a good reason for that, actually a couple. Number 1 fixed ropes being left is the least of the garbage problem on Everest, and Number 2 Why would anyone complain about ropes being left on Everest when people go up it every year, so its there anyway? You cant just leave a bunch of shit hanging on a mountain when no one is gonna use it or when its a route that no one else is gonna climb it and even if they did they dont want to be using left over gear.
  19. spray is dead

    I dont know how to post links but I found this picture that said this: The next time you're having a bad day, imagine this. You're a Siamese Twin. Your brother, attached at the shoulder, is gay. You're not! He has a date coming over Tonight. You have only one ass.
  20. spray is dead

    This sucks, if we want to see any crazy shit we will have to go to Utube ourselves I guess.
  21. Sport v Trad

    Totally new to rock climbing and i have a few questions. #1 what exactly is the differance between sport and trad climbing, and also anyone know any good beginner type rock climbs around the spokane/inland NW.
  22. What do you ride?

    Absofuckinlutely nice bike, great pics. Not a rider myself but I definately appreciate anything that sweet. Nice Wheels!!
  23. What do you ride?

    Wonder how many broken bones and road burns you get before you get to where those dudes are???
  24. What do you ride?

    I have a friend that had one of those. He kept it for 3 months before he realized he would die on it and sold the fucker. Cost him about 5 grand though on the drop in value and the almost $2000 repair bill when he failed trying to do a stoppie, or whatever the hell you call a wheelie with the back wheel coming off the ground.
  25. Send your best wishes to Porter

    Sorry to hear that, I dont know him personally, but get well soon man. Never good to hear of a climber gettin hurt, especially someone at the end of a long rehab road as it is. Again get well soon and feel better.