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  1. I agree with hayduke, the sabretooths seem to do quite well on steep ice. I've used them on mixed stuff as well, and they perform quite admirably.
  2. check out feathered friends in seattle. they always seem to have the climbing gear I can't find anywhere else. a bunch of the companies, ie OR, Patagonia, Marmot, have stores in seattle area, and sometimes you can find stuff there. otherwise, try second ascents in ballard. it's kinda hit or miss for them, and it's all used stuff, but you can usually find some gear in pretty good condition. hope that helps.
  3. I bought one of these when they came out. Best coat I've ever owned. Just a heads up for potential buyers. Arcteryx stuff has nothing on this one. Perfect alpine shell.
  4. I just started using an msr dromedary. i like it much more than camelbacks, platypus, or any other brand of hydration system. With an insulated tube, it works great for everything I use it for. Just my two cents.
  5. I might also add that the recurve for the venom is not like that on normal tools. it has a much less pronounced curved to it, and it doesn't look like the teeth are as nearly aggressive as a titan or laser pick.
  6. The venoms were designed more for use as an alpine tool, like you'd use that, then a "real" tool, for alpine routes. its a lot like grivels air tech evo. you could use it for waterfall ice, but you'd be better off with a "real" tool, like a viper, cobra, or something along those lines. they have more clearance, a different pick design, and will offer, for the most part, more security on water ice than would the venom. just my two cents, hope it helps.
  7. doesn't have to be fat to be climable, just thick enough to hold a tool and frontpoints. by the way, the falls up by the coleman, they're plenty solid, and the elevation difference is all of about 500ft.
  8. Anyone know what the falls at pan dome look like yet? anything climable? hoping they will be soon, big, cold storm supposed to come in this week, so hopefully...
  9. I might be down for a couple of those days. what'd you have in mind? Alpine ice, or water ice?
  10. 1 axe if it's steep or hard enough that you might need to self arrest if you fall. 2 tools if its steep ice, I don't usually use 2 until about 45 degrees, or if its like 35 degrees and plastic water ice (almost never, cuz we live in the PNW
  11. yeh, go with the eldorado, or a three season unless your going in the winter. the mountain hardwear trango, rei mountain 2, and the north face mountain 25 are all tents I see a lot, but they all weigh like 8 pounds. not quite sure why you'd get those if you could get an eldorado
  12. so, my buddy's got an eldorado, and we've used it in pretty bad weather, and never found that we needed the vestibule. It's not big enough to be really useful, and it weighs a bunch, more than it is worth.
  13. I'm not sure if this is what your looking for, but the new BD Vipers and Cobras both come equiped to be leashless, or used with android leashes. I own the vipers, and like them a lot, for both leashless and leashed climbing. And you can attach umbilicals to either pair.
  14. Thanks all for the responses. I figured they had all been climbed, being that close to a popular hike and climbing route, but I wasn't sure. Thanks again.
  15. So, me and a friend were up at baker last weekend to mess around on the coleman, and we saw a bunch of frozen falls. The longest was about 200-250 ft, and the rest were probably all around 180-200 ft. Anyone know anything about those? We ended up climbing the longest one, not the best ice, and not hard, but I imagine it would be pretty good later on in the year. There looked like there could be some pretty fun mixed routes. Just thought I'd see if anyone's been up there later in the year, and knows if the falls are any good. here's a pic. the falls im looking at are on the cliff band at the top of the pic. the coleman is just to the left.
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