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  1. Temps. in the alaska range?

    sorry,that was a stupid question. I really am not planning on going out there with this information I'm just trying to get basic info, you won't have to come and save "my newbie ass".
  2. akula half bag

    Has anyone tried this bag I was thinking of using a wm meltdown jacket with it and getting the long version with a couple of extra fill ounces. here's the link nunatakusa.com
  3. one or two ice axes

    another newb question but in what conditions would I need 2 Ice axed and in which conditions would I only need 1?
  4. Temps. in the alaska range?

    well what I meant by backpacking is that I'm not going to be summiting one particular mountain. So skis are the best for travel in the gorge. what about snowshoes? will crampons just sink in? The only reason I said backpacking is because I didn't know what you meant by base camping. how much mountaineering gear will I need? I was thinking just being roped up on the glacier with an ice ax and crampons. But will I need a full rack.
  5. Temps. in the alaska range?

    thanks w looks like a lot of up on denali. I will be backpacking so I wont really have a basecamp. During this time (probably from may 20-june 10) is everything still snow covered?
  6. Temps. in the alaska range?

    i was thinking more like June late may. thanks for the advice. if I have a down jacket booties and down pants what temp rating would i need for my sleeping bag
  7. Temps. in the alaska range?

    around ruth gorge and smaller mountains during late spring and early summer at night and during the day. thanks,jack
  8. just wondering if anybody has used it and if it functions well
  9. Best protien powder to stay lean but get strong?

    I have tried the excelerade stuff but when you drink it it makes your mouth very dry
  10. what can i do solo

    thanks for the advice and I am not planning on doing this anytime soon so don't worry. I also have plenty of backpacking experience just not in snowy mountains. so after some experience would i be able to go solo in the alaska range or with someone that has about the same experience level? I also would like to be on icy and snowy mountains so if this may make things different.
  11. what can i do solo

    can i go on smaller mountains, or if i head into the cascades do i absolutley have to have someone with me? I am not going to climb denali or anything but would like to go up to the ak range. I am not going to be climbing rock faces but I will be pretty much backpacking but with ice axes and crampons. thanks
  12. what is your favorite bag for the ak range
  13. great pics, looks like a great time,what were the temps like.