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  1. Anyone know how the snow-pack is doing on the approach with all the weather? Also, any avy danger on the route?
  2. Name this Ice in Strobach

    would like to, but i can't leave town this weekend. so i was thinking about taking friday off and leaving thursday night. ...id like to get back there...
  3. Name this Ice in Strobach

    ...anyone interested in going out there friday?
  4. Name this Ice in Strobach

    F*@%, I hate hiking, but I guess I better go back...
  5. Anyone tick unclimbed A, yet? Or know if it's still there?
  6. Let me know. It's been sitting around for a while. I've always had a different one that I use, so it's time to get rid of it. Plus, I need to pay for the new boots I just bought!...
  7. Ortovox F1 Tranceiver is basically brand new. It is a few years old, but was never used. $150 http://en.ortovox.com/transceiver/f1_focus.html Salomon Pro Ice Boots, size 9 1/2. Used about four or five seasons of climbing ice. Still have tons of life left in them. They just never fit quite right on me. $50. (I'll get some pictures of the boots posted soon.)
  8. Bozeman/Cody Ice

    Chill dudes and dudettes are good, but staying away from everyone is better. Cody will be empty during the middle of the week, Hyalite will be empty enough on the weekend...
  9. Bozeman/Cody Ice

    Anyone headed that way mid February? I'm not looking for a partner, but I'd like to share a ride/gas. I could drive my car, also, and you could have it to use once there (pending the results of a 12 hour psychological evaluation on the way there). However, if I could get a ride, I don't need rides/a car once I'm in Bozeman. I'm hoping to get at least 4 or 5 days of climbing, but I'm pretty flexible as long as I go over Presidents weekend, Feb. 13th-16th +/- a few days (I could take that whole week off as well if anyone were interested in a 9 or 10 day trip...). Anyone? Otherwise, it looks like I may only get two days of climbing over the weekend.
  10. Beacon on Sun Feb 1

    I grew up in Sioux Falls, made a lot of friends from Rapid while living in Montana, and get a kick out of finding South Dakotans in strange places. Small world.
  11. Beacon on Sun Feb 1

    605? South Dakota!? Really?
  12. [TR] Hyalite - 1/16/2009

    Thanks. Oy, The Man. Oh well, real ice is worth a minor fiasco now and again. Going back in just a few weeks! Anyone else headed that way?