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    Found rope and bag at Mountaineers South Wall.
  2. Correction She broke one leg two ribs and went to Wenatchee. She will be on the mend for some time, but will be OK.
  3. I was there yesterday in light hikers. Nice boot track.
  4. Lane Peak is a good accessible beginner route, but many of the routes listed in the link are not beginner routes and are not easily accessible. Many of the people on this sight don't remember what a beginner route is. Telling someone that Stewart, Dragontail, N. Ridge of Baker are good places to learn to place pro is terrible advice and sets people up for bad times. Go some place forgiving and learn how the tools work and what the anchors do before you hang your butt off a cliff.
  5. Thanks for the info. I know it can be icy if there is snow otherwise it just sucks!
  6. Does anyone know the condition of the decent gulley for Liberty Bell. Still snow/ice? Or can it be done in tenies?
  7. You can get really good cheap used gear on craig's list or ski sales. I don't know where you live, but I head up to the pass early mornings and skin up the groomed slopes ski down, repeat. It's a good conditioner, it's free and you can learn turns, falling, etc. on gentle slopes.
  8. I think he may have gotten into some wet rock in a bad spot and just an accident.
  9. Yesterday we were climbing the Improbable Traverse and my partner took a bad leader fall. I would like to send out a huge thank you to all the SARS groups that showed up and put in the amazing time, effort, sacrifice, and high risk to aid in getting my friends out and down safely. You people were incredible. Many many thanks, John Rollins Hopefully some day I can repay your efforts.
  10. I carry a Swiss Army "Tinker"it's light, inexpensive[not cheap] you can sharpen it your self when needed.Why would you buy a knife you need to send out to sharpen. Leathermen are heavy bulky. Sharpening your nut tool is the dumbest idea I've heard in a long time,if the sheath comes off you cut your hand,rope or your harness before you know it has happened.
  11. Everet Mountaineers have a great course, give it a try. I have taken level 1 three times with different groups, they were the best.
  12. Minna, I ran into two guys going up to climb Acid Baby on our way out from Serpentine Arete, they said they would clean the gear and return what they could get to. Post your info in lost and found. Glad you guys are OK.
  13. If you like living in your car find a place on the East side, if you like time for living live in Seattle.It takes very little time to drive to the mountains on your days off. Also, find a place that is West facing,more light[evenings]warmer and drier. East facing neighborhoods tend to be moss farms.
  14. Look around North Beacon Hill. It's in town,three minutes from Harborview, no traffic, cheap rents,good food. Access to the mountains is easy. Easy access to bike routes. Issaquah was nice 20 years ago,now it's a Microsoft suburb.
  15. Hi Val, I'm the guy that wasn't on the climb, white van. I may be heading backt o that area soon so let me know if you get them back and I won't go looking. Also, I think I have a green knife of yours, maybe part of a set? John
  16. Be aware,even if you buy snow park permit they will ticket you. When you contest it on the grounds that you did not commit the infraction in the first place you will be required to pay $20.00 to the court to have it waved. They are crooks.
  17. It blew over this morning two minutes after I used it. It was clean and in good shape until then.
  18. Found nice pair of glasses in black case. Most likely lost in the past three days.
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