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  1. My partner and I planned a day trip to climb Acid Baby on Saturday, 8/11/10. We slept at the Colchuck trailhead on Friday night 8/10/12 and started at 3am on 8/11/12. We were at the base of the climb at 7.30am. By about 12.30 we had finished 4 pitches, and my partner was starting up pitch 5 - climbing strong. Almost at the top of pitch 5, he weighted a large block of rock, which was unfortunately detached and down it came with him. I caught the fall; however, he had a pretty severe laceration on his left leg, a wrist injury and bruises and we both were pretty shaken. We had to bail. We did multiple rappels off gear till we were off the route. It took 4.5 hours to decent Aasgard with his injuries and another 5+ hours to walk out on Sunday, but he was determined to walk out. Since the injuries weren't life threatening, he didn't want to wait for a helicopter and decided to self-evacuate. We were lucky and very grateful for our friends who came out in the middle of the night from Leavenworth and Seattle to help us. The forest ranger who hiked up to us and accompanied us down, and many other strangers helped us along the way - many thanks to them. Did anyone climb acid baby on Sunday? Just wondering if anyone recovered our gear and maybe would like to part with it .. Thanks!
  2. Mountaineering this weekend

    Any interest in a lazy day of local climbing @ exit 38 on Sunday. Leave around 9ish. I have rope, draws and personal gear and can sport lead 5.8, 5.9, upto 5.10a and follow a bit more than that.
  3. Found: Camera at Exit 38

    Hi - We found a camera at: Exit 38 , FarSide NeverLand area, near the base of "The Planks" on Aug. 25th (yesterday). If it's yours, send me a PM.