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  1. Belayer: "I didn't do that right." Climber: "No, you didn't."
  2. Someone is selling some 404s (attached to skis) on the site today. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1058425/FS_Silvretta_404s#Post1058425
  3. Jared was my climbing partner and a great guy. He was a talented photographer and a whiz with technology. He was an infrequent poster here on CC. I weep for his wife and two young children. I'll miss him.
  4. From the comments to the article: He could die, and his lifeless corpse would still be our best pitcher.
  5. KGW is now reporting that this individual did not survive. Unfortunate. KGW has also posted a "quick poll" asking "Should there be additional restrictions for climbing on Rocky Butte?"
  6. @bvail - nice pictures @Xerinae = what became of your "unexperienced friend"?
  7. FYI - the sale at Big 5 is for the older SPOT 1. I've seen this price point ($49.99) elsewhere as retailers try to clear old inventory. The newer SPOT 2 is more expensive.
  8. Yesterday, driving through the Gorge on Highway 14 we noticed many huge cocoons in the trees. We also saw some along I-84. Does anyone know what type of animal I saw?
  9. Same story here. My Verizon failed to work at the lunch counter, but my partner's Cingular worked perfectly.
  10. I'm interested in finding a retired rope for use around the house. (I need pro for my very steep roof.) Portland/Hillsboro area. Thanks, all.
  11. My letter just sent: "I read this morning that, in spite of bipartisan support for it, you derailed the Mt. Hood Wilderness bill. I think you are a dick."
  12. I'll give third props to the Asolo Expert GV. They've been very comfortable and capable for me on both dry and snow/ice outings. By the way, I have a wide foot and the Asolo's were the only boots that I tried on that fit comfortably.
  13. I made a copy of my registration, then blacked out my last name and address and keep this altered version in my car. I keep the original at home. I'd rather have to explain my reasoning to a cop (or a judge) than have happen what the OP describes.
  14. Resurrecting an old thread: I'm committed to my prescription sunglasses for the time being, and would like to fit them with shields. I will go the duct tape route if necessary, but was wondering if anyone knows of a source for purchasing shields that will fit on a variety of glasses?
  15. Hi. First post here. Question about clothing: I'm just getting back into hiking/alpine climbing after many years away. I'm pretty much getting the whole base/insulating/shell idea. What I can't quite figure out is what people wear on their lower bodies in dry weather? I've got waterproof, breathable shell bottoms, but if it's dry and not cold and I leave those in my pack what is the best thing for me to wear? Thanks.
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