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  1. weekly whipper video....groundfall.

    Belayer: "I didn't do that right." Climber: "No, you didn't."
  2. Randonee bindings for mountain boots

    Someone is selling some 404s (attached to skis) on the site today. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1058425/FS_Silvretta_404s#Post1058425
  3. Overdue climber on Hood

    Jared was my climbing partner and a great guy. He was a talented photographer and a whiz with technology. He was an infrequent poster here on CC. I weep for his wife and two young children. I'll miss him.
  4. From the comments to the article: He could die, and his lifeless corpse would still be our best pitcher.
  5. Teen falls at rocky butte

    KGW is now reporting that this individual did not survive. Unfortunate. KGW has also posted a "quick poll" asking "Should there be additional restrictions for climbing on Rocky Butte?"
  6. South Side conditions: 2/2/2011

    @bvail - nice pictures @Xerinae = what became of your "unexperienced friend"?
  7. Need SPOT locator advice ASAP -Help!

    FYI - the sale at Big 5 is for the older SPOT 1. I've seen this price point ($49.99) elsewhere as retailers try to clear old inventory. The newer SPOT 2 is more expensive.
  8. Hwy 14 cocoons?

    Yesterday, driving through the Gorge on Highway 14 we noticed many huge cocoons in the trees. We also saw some along I-84. Does anyone know what type of animal I saw?
  9. Same story here. My Verizon failed to work at the lunch counter, but my partner's Cingular worked perfectly.
  10. WTB: retired rope

    I'm interested in finding a retired rope for use around the house. (I need pro for my very steep roof.) Portland/Hillsboro area. Thanks, all.
  11. Mt. Hood Wilderness Blocked Again

    My letter just sent: "I read this morning that, in spite of bipartisan support for it, you derailed the Mt. Hood Wilderness bill. I think you are a dick."
  12. Soft side mountaineering boots

    I'll give third props to the Asolo Expert GV. They've been very comfortable and capable for me on both dry and snow/ice outings. By the way, I have a wide foot and the Asolo's were the only boots that I tried on that fit comfortably.
  13. trailhead theft

    I made a copy of my registration, then blacked out my last name and address and keep this altered version in my car. I keep the original at home. I'd rather have to explain my reasoning to a cop (or a judge) than have happen what the OP describes.
  14. Glacier Glasses

    Resurrecting an old thread: I'm committed to my prescription sunglasses for the time being, and would like to fit them with shields. I will go the duct tape route if necessary, but was wondering if anyone knows of a source for purchasing shields that will fit on a variety of glasses?
  15. Hi. First post here. Question about clothing: I'm just getting back into hiking/alpine climbing after many years away. I'm pretty much getting the whole base/insulating/shell idea. What I can't quite figure out is what people wear on their lower bodies in dry weather? I've got waterproof, breathable shell bottoms, but if it's dry and not cold and I leave those in my pack what is the best thing for me to wear? Thanks.