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  1. Seeking in Seattle

    Hi there, I'm new in Seattle. Moved here for a man. Right now I have 4 friends including that man, 2 of whom ski. I'd love to make some new friends in this big city, and hopefully find a few more partners to ski and climb with before my current ones get really bored of seeing me every single weekend! About me -- I'm a 35 year old woman and my idea of a good day includes wind, snow, and cold. Second best is sun, rock, and not too hot. I ski Janaks with Diamir Titanal 3 bindings and I love them. I don't love my boots -- an old pair of Denalis that are beginning to give me trouble -- but it's hard to find another boot that light and stiff. I love touring, I'm level I avalanche certified, and I ski every weekend plus sometimes midweek at night. Sadly I am a 9 to 5-er but it's not so bad, I am among the lucky who actually like their job. I ski resorts when the snow is sketchy and I tour when it isn't. I've been skiing for a pretty long time now and I'm pretty confident on most terrain. I guess I try to avoid mandatory air and figure elevens when possible, but a couple of times it happened and it all ended up OK. Most of all, I just like to get out with people who like to have fun, and I like a beer and some bourbon at the end of it all. Besides skiing I like running, biking, and rock climbing. I love alpine rock! I also do a little ice climbing. I've only led WI3 and my hardest follow was WI4 so I'm what I would describe as "learning." Since I find most snow to be enjoyable, those moments that I can't ski and end up turning to the ice are fairly few and far between. I couldn't claim to be a strong ice partner, but I am a good belayer and I rarely get cold! I have never tried to find a friend on the Internet, but I really do need partners and I really am cool, normal, and fun to hang out with (in my opinion). So I hope you won't be shy and perhaps you'll invite me to meet you and your friends for a beer some night and maybe we'll get along!
  2. Katahdin Beta Request

    Get there before 6 am if you are going to climb in the summer. There's a long lineup of cars and they have a limit of how many people they let in. I used to try to be there by about 5:30 and never had a problem. The ranger station in Millinocket is open all year, so you could call them. They're probably pretty bored right now.
  3. Hyalite Canyon Access

    I sent mine! To the Editor, I just returned from a four-day trip to Bozeman, more specifically, to Hyalite Canyon. This is the second time this year that I drove 12 hours each way from Portland, Oregon because the ice climbing in Hyalite is that good. While in Bozeman, my partner and I spent money on a hotel, eating out, and buying supplies. I understand that next year, if the Forest Service's current plan goes into effect, the road will be gated at the dam and I will only be able to access Hyalite by skiing or snowmobiling in. This essentially shuts me out of Hyalite, as I don't own a sled and it's too far to ski AND climb. I hope that the people of Bozeman recognize the economic impact that this closure could have on your town, since climbers such as myself will have to go elsewhere. It would be a tragedy for ice climbers to lose this gem of an area--one of the best in the country. It would also be unfortunate to see Bozeman business owners hurt by this misguided attempt at management by the Forest Service. Please join me in requesting a revision of their current plan. Sincerely, Moira Armen
  4. Hyalite Canyon Access

    What address would you send a letter to the editor to?