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  1. REI Down Sleeping Bags

    hi, i climb, hike and camp in the eastern sierras often and i am looking to get a new sleeping bag. i want a 0 degree down bag and i was wondering what you guys think of the REI bags ? they are about half price of Mountain hardware and north face. are they any good ?
  2. human powered approaches vs heli, planes, skidoos

    "my cats breath smells like cat food".....those are wise words spoken from a wise man.
  3. [TR] Matterhorn Peak - East Couloir 5/12/2007

    i've always wondered how many sierra climbers knew of that book and reference.
  4. Simul-climbing - I don't get the appeal

    i think simul climbing is one of the "freest" forms of climbing. The other posters here are correct, its done on 4th-5th class terrain and by experienced climbers (people who can climb REAL 5.10 no prob). In the Sierras my partner and I like to use 90ft of 9mm rope and float up the lower clsss routes. Occasionally we will have a sitting belay or something to exchange protection. Simul climbing is safer than free soloing and a little more dangerous than full belays. However, if you plan on falling then nothing is safe
  5. Fuel - how much for how long?

    no one here uses propane ?
  6. La Sportiva Makalu's ??

    Hi, I have been using Raichles Eigers for about 10 years in the Sierras for moderate snow routes. I am thinking about getting a pair of the Makalu's as a replacement. Any feedback on these ? I like to have my aproach boot also be my climbing boot.
  7. Safety In Pakistan

    i have heard that since 9-11 there has been a big decrease in the number of american climbers going to pakistan for security reasons. is this true ? anyone have a first hand knowledge of the security situation there ?
  8. Gear Stolen from Rescuer

    this was happening alot at the trail heads in the eastern sierras. most people assumed it was non climbers until a stakeout nabbed two local climbers. sorry to say but your gear was probably taken by climbers.
  9. how do you respond to this?

    last month i was walking along a popular cliff area in my city when i came upon a rescue in progress. 3 people (2 men and 1 women) were drinking and messing around by the cliff and the women fell over and down about 75 feet. she was critically injured and not able to move. broken back, legs and other injuries. i counted 15 fire trucks, 2 helicopters, and loads of other people assisting. i dont know who paid for the rescue but i didnt see anyone on the news griping about the cost of rescuing drunk people on cliffs.
  10. Rescue Statistics: Let's outlaw hiking $ boating

    if a climber is rescued by an agency that is funded by tax dollars then why would you ask the climber to re-imburse the agency for doing the job that they are funded to do ?
  11. H**d Aftermath..

    the issue will certainly blow over because it has come up MANY times before and nothing is done about it. the reason is simple....do you really think politicians want to sit around and write the legislation to deal with this issue ? it takes MONTHS to write legislation and i know for dang sure that if you polled a million voters none of them would say this is an issue they even care about. in 3 days the public will be focused back on britneys coochie hanging out of her limo and blown up soldiers in Iraq.
  12. Everest Beyond the Limit on Discovery

    the show was pretty good but i thought it was really geared for the non climbing crowd. it did however remind me why i have no desire to climb everest. the mountain is dangerous enough but the people on it are just out of control. btw - i was a bit confused about the climber who was left dying high on the mountain. i thought this was the autralian who was left for dead recently but ended up living. ABC did a big special on him and his family. i guess have some people mixed up