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  1. fowler/boskoff update...

    from cnn... BEIJING, China (AP) -- The body of a U.S. climber missing for more than a month has been found on a remote mountain in southwestern China while a second climber is still missing and presumed dead, a rescue coordinator said Wednesday. Christine Boskoff, a top female climber, and Charlie Fowler, a well-known climber, guide and photographer, were reported missing after they failed to return to the United States on December 4. "They don't know which body yet. The rescuers were told to take pictures without disturbing anything. They will go back up in the morning with shovels," said Arlene Burns, a friend of both climbers. "The other body could be under the snow or could be connected by a rope," Burns said from Telluride, Colorado, where she was helping coordinate the rescue effort. "We are tremendously sad they are not coming home, but they were doing what they loved," she said. "For these guys, they were there by choice, climbing beautiful, pristine peaks with someone they respected at the top of their skills." Burns said it was too early to say what happened to the two, if they were hit by an avalanche, slipped or encountered some other problem. "Whether they fell off the face or were swept off the face, we don't know," she said. The body was found at the 5,300-meter (17,390-foot) level on Genie Mountain, also known as Genyen Peak, not far from the Sichuan border with Tibet. The mountain is 6,204 meters (20,354 feet) tall. Burns said it was most likely the searchers found the body because something stood out in a blanket of white snow. Unlike the case of the missing climbers on Mount Hood in Oregon, the search has been complicated because the two did not leave detailed plans and rescuers initially did not even know which province in southwestern China to search. But a clue to their whereabouts emerged several days ago when rescue workers found a driver who had dropped the pair off near the mountain on Nov. 11. Boskoff and Fowler told him they would climb the mountain and that he could meet them on November 24 so they could pick up their bags, but they did not show up. Boskoff has ascended six of the world's peaks over 26,000 feet, including Mount Everest. She owns Mountain Madness, a Seattle adventure travel company. Fowler is an expert on climbing in southwestern China. He has guided climbers up Everest and climbed some of the tallest and most difficult peaks. Burns said both climbers have homes in Norwood, Colorado. Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
  2. fowler/boskoff update...

    doesnt sound good... A rescue coordinator says the body of one of two U.S. climbers missing for more than a month has been found on remote mountain in southwestern China, The Associated Press reports.
  3. how do you respond to this?

    i dont see anyone refer to diabetes as SOLELY a result of diet, but maybe i am missing something. I see some of the behaviors/diets listed as risk factors for diabetes... which they most certainly are...true that they didnt specify which type, but they were not incorrect in what they were stating you are absolutely correct in regards to diabetes MELLITUS having 2 types..there is actually another if we really want to get technical, Diabetes Insipidus
  4. how do you respond to this?

    Spray forum: "If it's not climbing related this is where you post it. Be warned this forum is not for the thin skinned." i dunno, maybe i am wrong, but this seemed to be related to climbing...thanks for replying nonetheless!!
  5. how do you respond to this?

    "Gotta hate risk inclined people who outsource the bills to the rest of us" "It really sucks if they don't find anyone to charge for the rescue." overheard while discussing the Mt Hood scenario by a non-climber... thoughts?? I was too miffed to even respond
  6. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    i just wish fox would stop showing the two skiers taking off their boards from umpteen days ago
  7. best acid trip you ever had

    4 way pyramids.... spring GD tour 1990. Came off a grate fall tour in 89 and had to drop out of school for a semester due to missing too much class(they were the ones who were missing out!!) So with nothing else to do but hit up the spring east coast Dead tour...suddenly I am at the knickerbocker arena in albany NY waiting in line after dropping... My friends had all headed in, so i am by myself in line...what the hell is going on, How come things are so strange around here??? the venue walls are leaning toward me! breathing.... flying....gatecrasher freaks me out for a bit, holy shit this is getting strange... never tripped this hard before... finally inside, just happy to be out of the congestion for a bit...sheeple, bahhh...find the floor, friends are all there. bent over to tie my shoe and knocked noggins with someone. thats good for about ten minutes of geeking.. The band comes out, phew, thank god theres something to focus this trip on, it started to have that edge like it was gonna head south. the Good Times get Rolling and Help is finally on the Way. a trip up Franklins Tower yielded views in all directions. On a clear day you can see forever! After a visit to Desolation Row, Jerry took us to Tennessee..god is there any place I'd rather be??? not a chance!! just another Saturday Nite!! God, why do they need to take a break?? not a chance Im gonna fight that crowd to get a drink. not sure i can take it...The walls are leaning inward. Lets go try to talk to healy...nope, not sure i can carry on a full conversation with anyone right now... Lights out...Candace on...Stellar Playin in the band takes into the stratosphere for a bit. What planet is this?? are we even still ON a planet??? Uncle John organically reminds me... Next stop, Terrapin Station. THIS is where my MIND LEFT MY BODY... aurally and visually stunning this band is melting my world. Happiness is Drumming, for sure...The Wheel keeps turning and then Jerry combines our years and melts them into a dream. Crying...only Jer could bring this crowd to utter silence. What command. Dusting off those rusty strings one more time, but never fading away, they bid us good nite... Phew what a ride!!! the tale of the post show hotel adventure will have to wait til another day..
  8. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    you mean as Jerry Garcia would sing...