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  1. human powered approaches vs heli, planes, skidoos

    avitripp, What I see between the lines is somewhat similar to what I see in Tibetan Buddhism. The concept of a person stopping their conscious or rational thinking, and truly being the essence of God. I have often wondered if humans are meant to be burning petroleum at this point in time. Is this all just part of the story that is being orchestrated by the unseen intelligence running the Universe? But then the caustic smell of gasoline, raw or combusted, brings me back to my version of reality. The contrast between nature and humans also raises doubts in my mind. I have had the honor of seeing a cougar cruising slowly alongside a creek in the wilderness- contrast this with that chemical plant by the the second narrows bridge. Sure it could be part of the story; although as humans we have the ability to be discussing this sort of thing amongst ourselves. I can't speak for dinosaurs, or other extinct life forms, but it seems to me that this is the difference with humans. With the knowledge available to us; it seems that humans are the one life form that has progressed to the point, that we do more than just survive (jazz, art, climbers.) This is really the essence of my thinking. I like the human form. Look at the mechanics of a knee, or the spectacle of our bodies in general. Or how about the climber moving steadily, powerfully, up a beautiful feature; their mind filled only with the scenery and movement. How about the back country skier traversing across a couloir at speed, their unique view of the fall line, the authority of a solid pole plant, the free fall between turns. We have a good thing going here, and it makes sense to me to try and prolong it as long as possible; within the realm of the universe/geologic time frame. It is also important (to me) to prolong it with a high quality of life. This would be the direct answer to "why give a rat's ass." Quality of water, quality of air, and temperatures that work for humans and our foods. Which brings me back to Buddhism. There is a lot to be learned from those concepts. For example: compassion and selfishness. The two words alone are reason enough for one to minimize their impact, as they pass through this reality. However, I've never liked the passive concept of just letting things happen. It seems like there is just too much natural evil in the human mind. Accessing the will and moving forth with principles that are more positive, seems like a better way. Who says these principle are the "right way" and where do they come from? I don't know, but I do know what it feels like to be affected by evil; and ultimately what keeps this human going is: the beauty of snow dusted dark rock interlaced with spider lines of cold bombproof ice. Not to mention what it feels like to be way, way out there and to see the Earth in it's natural state. I, for one, have been tormented about hurting the Earth ever since.
  2. human powered approaches vs heli, planes, skidoos

    When you say "anthrochronocentrism," are you referring to the same overall theme that you wrote about at the bottom of page 4? I'm curious because I am considering answering the questions you asked.
  3. human powered approaches vs heli, planes, skidoos

    Good to see how scrappy the cascade crew is. Yes, actually I am a freak who used a road bike and the bus to access climbs for a few years. Thanks for the "heads up" about the club. I would never think it was reasonable for others to live the way that I do. The point that I was trying to make: was that maybe the time has come to mellow out a bit on things that are excessive. For example, up here throughout the: whistler, pemberton, and duffey areas heli's and snowmobiles are commonly used for access. Most of these areas can be reached with a bit more food, stove fuel, motivation, and time. This is what I am saying: if a person can do something without blowing off all the exhaust that a heli or snowmobile does; then why not do it? The result is that you're going to be fitter and more satisfied after. All humans have to burn some amount of fuel; the key is to hopefully restrain things a bit so that Earth doesn't end up like Mars. Thanks for the scrap; I'll shut the f&*^ up now.
  4. human powered approaches vs heli, planes, skidoos

    Spencer, there are a few ways to perceive what you wrote. If you are implying that the environment only exists because people like you take pictures for others (like myself) to look at; you might want to be aware that who you're talking to may have spent 21 years roaming the backcountry around vancouver, mostly solo. That same person may also have many meaningful ski traverses under their belt throughout southwestern B.C. Where do you think I acquired my love of Ice & Snow, and my respect for the Earth? ivan, I apologize that I didn't write more clearly. "Approach" to a climber, usually means: from where they leave a roadside to the start of the business. You are totally correct that flying to another continent is unavoidable. That is unless you are someone like Jia Condon, who has used commercial freighters to access the Greenland area. genepires, yes you are right about the insanity of the daily commute. Neither of us has any control over that. But why not give a sh%$ and help out somewhere else; where we do have control. G-spotter, I'm not sure if I should take that as a joke-but I'll bite. I know damn well that electricity comes from coal, or something else being combusted,in many parts of the world. But the connection between the use of electricity in the western world - and climbers, with money to burn, using a heli to access a north american climbing area - is a bit of a stretch isn't it?
  5. I respectfully ask for a bit of forgiveness; because I'm going to stir up a bit of trouble with my 1st post. The psyche of this community is incredible to me. The volume of trip reports, and the number of local climbers operating at a high level astounds me. In my opinion, there is a demon lurking among alpine climbers and ski mountaineers. It has always surprised me how many trip reports from: alpine journals, magazines, and this site mention that they (the alpinists) used helicopter access or a plane etc. In a time when I observe the Earth being hammered in many ways - climate change in particular - does it not seem strange that the people who love Ice and Snow the most, would use a machine as consumptive and polluting as an aircraft for their own wants and needs? Personally, I look up to the people who cram their friends into a subaru or whatever and make things happen on a shoestring budget. I know that many will justify themselves by saying they "only have so much time off work", or this or that. What I ask though is: "are you really that important?" If you think you are; you have learned nothing from the Mountains. Enduring a sick approach is similar to weight training or endurance training; the difficulty is what cleanses and develops a persons' thinking mind; and their awareness of the true reality that they exist in. I remain optimistic that humans will figure it out; because I really would be sad if I couldn't enjoy the mysterious, awesome spectacle of an Ice climb throughout my life. But who cares about me, what about all of the generations to come? We are all just specks of dust in the Universe. Don't f*&% up the Earth.