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  1. F***ing Taxes

    Only thing worse than doing your own is to go to H&R Blockheads. At least you in WA don't pay another 9% to your state like we do in CA. Quote from Ghostbusters = "even though you do your own taxes, which you shouldn't do..."
  2. Overtraining

    Just curious, what was not "adequate" calories? Did you eat before and during your activities? Take Gu?
  3. Another accident on Hood

    It wasn't just two women, don't forget the dog. And speaking of the dog, did she have her own sleeping bag?? If not, it should be a requirement for all canine climbers.
  4. Hello! New to this forum!

    Finding a compatible and competent partner would be ideal, but thats not always easy. Probably not the recommendation of everyone here, but a "class"/climb with a guide wouldn't be a bad thing. IMG obtained part of the Rainier concession for 07, and they are a good group. Good luck. First is some classes...With Mt. Rainier close, I thought it best to summit that a few (more than 3) times before even THINKING about anything bigger... Any suggestions on how to get the equipment started, or what classes you think are best, etc...would be great.
  5. Hello! New to this forum!

    Dreimer, those are some big goals. What got you started? Whats first?
  6. Can I glissade with crampons on?

    enelson Posts: 258 Loc: "hug it out bitch" glissading works best when you put the crampons in your butt crack. just try it, you will see. Is that facing up or down?
  7. How to get started

    Kit, you've got lots of answers, I will add that the best way to get in shape to climb is to do a variety. I would put #1 as hiking, with weight! I personally put 2 liter bottles in my pack and hike the local hills, which are not much being in the SF bay area. Work up to the point where you can push your aerobic level. Add a little bike riding, weights if you can, and lots of hiking! Good luck.
  8. Guided Rainier climb. Worth it?

    MG, if you want more info than just my reply here, email me. I cannot recommend more highly IMG. Have gone on three trips with them (Mexico, Russia and Adams), and they are the best, hands down. Of course, that is my opinion. Done any other climbing (ie: 14k's) or is this the first?
  9. MT Hood Continued

    Got it, thanks. For some reason thought the Spur was to the right of the gullies, but looked back at the map. That is one tough descent.
  10. MT Hood Continued

    So Mr D, where is Cooper Spur and the "gullies" in the pic we keep hearing about (for those of us who are not that familiar with Hood and these routes). Thanks
  11. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    No good news is definately a bummer.
  12. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Cindy, the people up there now ARE the experts, no need to worry about that.
  13. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Am I the only one impressed with the Sheriff? Professional and informative, he's doing a good job.