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  1. Friday AM weight in

    Ok so this thread is timely. At my worksite the powers-to-be just started a "Biggest Loser" competition. Basic concept: see who can lose the most weight over a 10-week period. Great idea eh? Receipe in disaster as I see it ... promotes crash dieting and starvation. But, since I'm the only one to enter so far, I am guaranteed to win the IPOD. Yeee haww! 2/08 - 86kg 2/10 - 84kg 2/12 - 85kg Goal = 75 kg (or whatever it takes to win, dammit!!!)
  2. Cascade Powder Cats

    Anyone done a trip with Cascade Powder Cats before? How is the terrain and service? I am done south in much warmer climates now but am planning a trip with them in a few weeks, how is the snow conditions in/around Snolquamie Pass?
  3. Black Hawks leave stateside OR Guard

    I'm good with it, climbers should shun government intervention in rescues.....shuuunnnnn! Climbers need to take care of their own, that's what Portland Mt Rescue trains for. If someone screws up and needs a chopper, they or their insurance can pay for lifeflight from the Timberline parking lot. If you want the gov't to help you all the time, and for others to HAVE to pay for our own bad choices, then they get to dictate when and where you and I will go. I reject that. Climbers who want the choppers for free remind me of that Danny Devito character in that Ken Keasey movie, One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest". I couldn't agree with you more .... unfortunately nowadays, the powers-to-be don't take the proper time and judge the risk/benefit ratio when calling in the choppers. They want the incident to be over as soon as possible. Not to mention choppers make good sound-bites and video. Earn your turns people .. don't expect a free ride. And stop coddling to those that do. Granted, there are times when they are warranted ... LIFE OR DEATH. A broken arm, fractured clavicle, concussion, ankle injury, even a suspected spinal injury .. these are not LIFE OR DEATH situations. Sooner or later another chopper accident will occur. Okay, enough of that soapbox.
  4. TENDONITIS - medical recommendation needed

    Okay .. to follow-up There are other treatments available. Cortisone shots, surgery (to scrape some more space in the sheath), and acupuncture. These treatments deal with the symptoms though, mainly the pain, and is recommended for people who can't stop the activity that is causing the injury. Not quite what is happening here, unless you are a professional climber being paid to climb (wish I was!!!). Rest is the best. IMHO
  5. TENDONITIS - medical recommendation needed

    Doug T is spot on. There is no magical cure for tendonitis .. it is an overuse injury that occurs when the space between the tendon and the sheath gets inflammened (due to repetative movement or straining/overuse). This inflammation/swelling is countered by the body releasing more synovial fluid into the space ... which unfortunately causes more swelling ... which causes more fluid to be released. Vicious cycle. Cured only by rest and letting the body heal itself.
  6. Deaths on K2

    9 reported dead, 3 missing on K2 following a large serac collapse. Bummer www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/asia/article4452993.ece
  7. [TR] Mt. Hood - Wy East 5/1/2008

    This issue with MHM comes up every year. As fheimerd stated, if you talk to them first usually they are cool. They have the right to patrol the in-bounds area, and that is what they are afraid of ... that your poaching the ski area. But if you explain your intentions and stay to the side of the runs as much as possible then they usually don't have an issue. Screw Brad
  8. medical education/climbing

    I'd be interested ...
  9. If you need a motorcycle

  10. Marriage

    Marriage is lame ... of course I'm in the midst of a nasty divorce so I'm a bit biased. Never again I say!!! Oregon requires those that are getting divorced go thru a "parenting class" ... statistics they give include: 1)nearly 50% of 1st marriages end in divorce 2)over 70% of 2nd marriages end in divorce I would have to agree with what was said in an earlier post .. if you are thinking of getting married .. live with the person for a number of years. Travel, have fun, have fights, learn each others idiosyncracies. People change after the rings are put on. And kids ... they are the best things, but NOT a reason to stay together when you know the relationship has ended!! Another thing to think about ... look at your spouses parents .. they will be like them later in life!!! DAMN ... if only I had these helpful hints prior to my walk down the isle!!!! :-(
  11. Mt Hood Search and Rescue Fundraiser

    Perhaps a strong presence by the climbing and SAR community at this event with our thoughts that this bill is a bad idea would help the cause. We all wrote letters, some of us attended meetings, now we should make it to this event -- supports two causes with one beer drinking binge!!!
  12. Another accident on Hood

    If they had a GPS, why didn't they just give coordinates? Did you mean that the party of 5 had a GPS, which took you to the snowcave, but the party of 3 who fell did not?? If they did have a gps and did not use it -- shame on them. Regardless of the fact that they had a gps with the group and didn't use it to find palmer is, well, idiotic!
  13. Another accident on Hood

    By the way Barker ... you should talk to your KATU friends!! The webpage has White River Canyon where the Reid is. Don't they do their homework??
  14. Another accident on Hood

    Just got back from there ... conditions are horrible. Although not as cold as the January search, the visibility and snow conditions are much worse. Difficult to pinpoint their exact location. (The MLU's aren't always the answer!!!) Currently involved in the efforts are PMR, AMR RAT, PJ's (304th), Crag Rats, Mt. Wave, CCSO, and Timberline. On for tomorrow are Eugene and Corvalis MRA teams. Good luck to everyone out there!!!
  15. Another accident on Hood

    Apparently rescue crews are heading up towards Illumination Saddle for an accident involving 3 climbers. No other news as of yet, haven't seen any "breaking news" on the reliable tele yet either.