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  1. How to get started

    Catherine's Update! Its been awhile, so I thought it was time to let you know what all I have been up to. I have gone on three training hikes (one in quite a bit of snow and we got to scramble up a hit...totally worth it), and I had Sharon help me find some fantastic hiking boots that are gortex on the outside and very breathable, comfortable, and good for lighter backpacking as well. I was in Seattle for a weekend and got to go "indoor bouldering" and she had two harnesses, and one I liked very much. It was made by Black Diamond and when they are available to purchase again in the stores (I have the model listed at home) I will be buying one. I also was able to try on some shoes for that experience as well! We joined the Spokane Mountaineers, and as soon as they announce their rock climbing schoool, both Adam and I will be joining if time allows. My practicum will be in full swing, so I will have to see if we are allowed to miss a weekend during the first quarter. I would certainly hope so! Now, I am just waiting for Tim to start going back to the gym, and to let me know! Sharon is wonderful on taking me out on training hikes, and has shown me where I will learn to climb in the school. The stores are so bare on equipment right now that waiting a month or so will benefit me when more selection comes in, but I am still EXTREMELY interested, and glad the season is fast approaching!
  2. How to get started

    I know Eric, and its not your fault you often invite me when I have to leave for work in 2 hours. LOL She has to drop me back down to 20 hours a week, now that classes are in session. I just can't work 40 hours, school, and expect to be able to do any playing!
  3. How to get started

    Well, now its just the waiting game. All of this snow is not helping me learn! LOL Everyone has kind of gone "in house" for awhile, which is fine, but when you guys start planning trips out to climb and the like, let me know! Eric, I need to get out with you soon here! I need to get a little unloaded with my work commitment right now! LOL It should skimp down to three days a week here this next week. Sharon, we need to go out again soon too! Also, my Freedom of the Hills book is supposed to arrive this week! I also am waiting for my stuff from Spokane Mountaineers and am just getting excited to keep learning!
  4. How to get started

    Of course! And ordering catologs. Its going to look a little obsessive to the mailman. Now that I went on that hike once, and have taken Adam over to the rocks, I can't wait till its warm enough to start learning (the impending snow is dampening my hopes) but I am sure all up for more whatever! Just listening to people while stomping around teaches me plenty!
  5. How to get started

    LOL Thanks Eric! I still want my own harness and shoes though! Its that whole "personal touch" feeling to them! I am ever so anxiously waiting until the 8th (Bonus payday) and it looks like it will all be going to this, which is A-ok! Somehow, I think I have people here to help me choose, and what I don't have, they are going to help me out as well. Oh, and Adam and I sent in our Mountaineers application, so thats a step in a direction as well!
  6. How to get started

    LOL you are being too kind. And hey, I came out with being a little stiff this AM! I could have done much worse! LOL I am still up for going out more! Tim has stuff going on so no WW for awhile, but I am all up for other things!
  7. How to get started

    Thanks so much Jo! Sorry for the all the computer issues, but that was great information. Eric, Yeah Sharon seems like a gear junkie! She brought stuff with her in case I was to ill equipped (which, I probably was, but I proved to not be TOO much of a clutz, LOL). Sharon-You are more than welcome to come help me spend money! Tim has given me some great advice in selecting shoes, but having another person with you is still more comforting. I think this extra $200 I am getting is going to be gone in two items purchased. But, it IS a start! LOL At least I know what i am sacking money aside for.
  8. How to get started

    Ahhhh, I knew what those were, just not that thats what they were called. Thanks for the link Jo! I will do more reading up on that later tonight. Are a type of boot used for alpine rock climbing? And, is alpine rock climbing the same as ice climbing? I hear of apline mountaineering, ice climbing, apline climbing, etc, and am trying to sort out the lingo, so I can better understand what I am hearing.
  9. How to get started

    Hi Jo, Must ask...whats an ATC? Sharen and I were talking about this today, and I told her I want my first two items to purchase are a harness and a pair of rock climbing shoes. Also, since I have given up finding my hiking boots, thats #3 on the list. For me, things as personal as shoes and harnesses need to be new, and be what fits me best, for outdoors. For wild walls, I don't object to renting, but for me personally, I would rather spend the money and get what REALLY fits, then ever buy used. Its my ass, literally, in that sling, and I want to feel safe. I am going to have to drag a few of you to one of the gear shops with me though, in order to make sure I am buying the right stuff. Next week is pay week, so it will be a small shopping trip. Maybe I can get a few to come with me!
  10. How to get started

    Thanks Sharen. I REALLY REALLY enjoyed it!! I hope to do it again soon!!
  11. How to get started

    Yeah, and my husband was more than willing to go! he even asked me if I would be able to go and he would make sure to be up and showered by then (when he works overnights, thats a lot to ask at 3pm). But, I had absolutely no decision to make, other than what I did. I got to work on Friday and our asst manager was no longer an employee with our company. Our manager thus had to work a 16 hour shift that day and two of us have tried to help her the best we can by not bringing attention to our asst being gone, and to help cover the shifts over the weekend. Now, if Tim's group is there after 4 this Saturday, or on Weds or Friday this week, I will more than be glad to join! And a very kind woman from this forum has invited me for some training hikes.
  12. How to get started

    Well, at least I am ok with the burning money part! I have 50 chinchillas! SO, taking your money and lighting it on fire as a hobby is something I have been at doing for years now!
  13. How to get started

    Thanks guys. I know it sounds horrible, but I don't really know where to even START. SO many people have PMed me, offering help, that its now how to decide. I know this Saturday is a for sure thing, and I hope it goes well, but once the weather isn't SNOWING/RAINING/FREEZING I want to get outdoors and start working there. I want to learn. I want to be in this world and experience with my hands and feet and body and mind (waay too corny I am sure). I am just at that point in my life where I want this.
  14. How to get started

    So it looks like I will be meeting some of you Saturday at Wild Walls. I had to stay and work an extra few hours yesterday, so the threat of working Saturday is now nill. I am excited!
  15. How to get started

    Thats always a good thing! The manners, I mean. Yep, I prefer smaller groups. I am not big into large groups. I get very quiet in those situations. Its a fear mechanism I am sure! Mid January eh? BRRRRRR LOL I thought about going out this afternoon to go check out the shops, but baking cookies for the work potluck tomorrow, and then one of my female chins giving birth to triplets squashed that thought. I am excited to see Tim and his group climb this next Saturday. I hear Eric may even show up!