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  1. were heading up about the same time. going up late afternoon/early evening friday, getting up early and attempting to summit saturday. I agree, hoping for some harder snow than what ive seen so far!
  2. Saint Helen's permit

    ranger: snowmobiler eh? wheres ur sled? fairweather: drove it into the crater the otherday, going back to get it now! sounds good to me!
  3. hood this weekend?

    is anyone going to head up to hood this weekend? or have they been up? we were planning on going, but just checked the weather and it doesnt look good. freezing level above 10000 ft, lots of new snow this week. thinking about doing it next weekend instead. would love a report from anyone who goes up this weekend. thanks
  4. mt adams

    has anyone attempted to get close to mt adams yet? any idea when the roads normally open? were looking at end of april, mazama glacier, just rather not slog through 5-10 extra miles of snow one way!!!
  5. how not to rappel

    WOW, that's great! I guess i've been going about it all wrong!
  6. SPRING PICNIC 4/30 Planning

    I don't know, 5.scary seems alittle above my ability!!! Gotta work, used up most of my time off already!! Got to save a few days for adams, and liberty bell later this spring, early summer! Hoping I don't get sick and use up all the rest of my days!!! Hope it goes well!! Maybe next one. l8r
  7. SPRING PICNIC 4/30 Planning

    what route are they climbing on the pic for the picnic? is that at washington park? does it get harder higher up? thank for the info. anybody from pdx area going to the picnic?
  8. SPRING PICNIC 4/30 Planning

    i'll donate an old pair of kastle randonee skis in great shape. you can use them as a raffle, or put the money into cc.com fund. only catch is someone would have to pick them up from me on their way north, as i won't be able to attend. i live in battle ground, just north of vancouver off I-5. can provide pics if wanted. let me know
  9. Hood Conditions

    Anybody been up on hood lately? Wondering how the snow is with the warmer(ish) weather we've had. Planning a trip for sunday, just wandering what we're in for.
  10. How many people actually rope up to climb the ss of mt hood? Why or Why not? Seems to me that unless the pearly gates are steap and ice, you would not need to/want to rope up except for possibly that portion. Also, imho the accident a few years back wouldn't have been as bad had they not all been on ropes. If your on ice, and not adding pro, seems like a rope could be a bad idea. Whats y'alls opionion on this?
  11. To rope or not to rope, that is the question!

    great movie! thats where i learned how to climb! you should see me leap over an abyss with my ice tools, only missed the landing once.
  12. To rope or not to rope, that is the question!

    yep, quite a few people involved in the incident on hood a few years back that had nothing to do with the initial fall, except they were on the same mountain. You just can't always tell who the incompetent ones are.
  13. Found: My Testicles

  14. To rope or not to rope, that is the question!

    thats been my view. if your not going to protect it, don't use a rope. unless of course you are crossing a glacier, then the rope is there to protect against falling into a crevasse and dissapearing. i ask because you see pics quite often with people roping up to cross the hogsback, and climb the pearly gates. but you very rarely see people actually placing any pro while climbing the gates with ropes.
  15. The city of Battle Ground is Talking about putting up a rock wall in the city. This would be the time to call, write to the city for input. Let's do this while it is still in the planning stage. They put in a "world class" skate park a couple years ago, and are wanting to build off the success and popularity of that. Let's hope for a "world class" rock gym!!!! Let's get all of southwest washington in on this. We could stop traveling to pdx during the winter to use theirs!

    guess we'll see how it turns out. hopefully they put as much money and thought into a rock wall as they did the skate park.
  17. public staircase?

    Does anyone know if there are any public staircases (either in buildings, or parks, etc...) in the vancouver, wa. area?
  18. public staircase?

    little closer to me too as im in battle ground. quite a drive to mt. tabor. would be about 1.5 hrs round trip drive time.
  19. public staircase?

    is columbia river the one off 99th st in hazel dell?
  20. Portland Info

    couloir, what happened to your avatar?
  21. SOLD: Wild Things Belay Jacket, MH Overboots

    pics? thanks
  22. Crazy Washingtonians

    Oh Yeah!!
  23. NO FREAKin' WAY!!!!

    got myself some yellow play dough today. gonna make a killin makin these and resellin em!
  24. NO FREAKin' WAY!!!!

    That's pretty cool. Feel kinda odd using play dough as protection.
  25. War with Iran office pool