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  1. Ice Stoke

    I did that a lot too when I was your age! Those crazy teenage hormones!
  2. Dont'cha hate it when...

    Moses! revives old threads! Here's a video! [video:youtube]YhjaUHZzpFE
  3. The crisis is coming your way folks, lock your locks and grab your cocks....'cause this one's a doozy! I'll be in the woods with my gun if'n ya need me!
  4. squamish gang bangers - excessive top roping

    Bill my son, please never confuse my charming satire with the mindless drivel of that migrant mexican. I like guns, women able to bore me many sons, and the GOP. In that order.
  5. Earth First

    damn. those bitches need to get laid.

    I like you. You're funny!
  7. question for climbers

    Kojakoff or whatever, You've got ZERO cred. You're the king of the fruitcakes, ya nutball. I can't believe you take yourself seriously, but I guess since no one else will. Anyway, I'll just laugh at your post, joker. Thanks for the comic relief. I must have hit a nerve, gotta say though, your an easy target. Boy, my kook detector is working well today, and with so little bait! Jason's WAY better at being diplomatic than Moses! Don't be a tightwad like the kooks. Get properly trained. Jason hit it on the head, you'll SAVE money in the long run if you do it right early on. Go with a professional. Kojaks dad did!
  8. question for climbers

    good points jared. Moses! can get pretty fire and brimstone sometimes. The point is: use your noodle kids.
  9. question for climbers

    Noob at what? Posting on CC.com....well, I'm no old pro like your self. 2436 posts, Waytago. You got me beat. I think you really make my point nicely. I mean, c'mon Selkirk, you've spent pretty much the most of the past several years posting here, mostly in Spray, often at least once a day. I'd say your cred is shot. Get a handle on the reality of your situation. Me, I'm lucky enough to get to climb most of the year. Am I any good? Probably not, but I get by ok. I'm not working too much and I'm seein' the place. Man, It's always the kooks that come out of the woodwork to defend these guys. Yeah, there's a few good Mounties out there, I've climbed with 'em. What was it I said in my first post on this thread about the "worst of the worst"?, Woohoo, I called that one I guess. As far as the quality of the product on offer, I've got no problem telling people to spend their money elsewhere and why. Sorry if that rubs ya the wrong way. Now, I'll let ya get back to yer sprayin.
  10. question for climbers

    exactly Moron, Thanks for clarifying my point. If the Mounties taught improvisation that would be great....but they often teach outdated attitudes which rely on dogma as opposed to sound judgement and self reliance/knowledge. You seem to get the idea that the Mountains are a dynamic environment and approaching them with a flexible attitude and a broad range of skills often serves one best. You should go teach for the Mounties, you could stir things up a bit.
  11. question for climbers

    The Mountaineers courses breed an out-dated style of climber that is more akin to a mountain tourist than a climber. I think you'll find that, chances are, most of the worst of the worst serial sprayers here were involved with the Mounties at some point. The community impression of Mounties grads and instructors is, by and large, pretty poor. Even after getting Mountiecized by one of their Glorified Mountain Enthusiast courses most of these chumstiks don't know enough to climb out of a wet paper bag, let alone climb a peak. If slow, outmoded, heavy and antiquated methods are your goal....then the Mounties is your best bet. Do yourself a favor, take a course with a certified guide somewhere ...the Alps, Canada, the US...anywhere. The best way to learn how to climb is with people who actually practice their craft at a high level. A lot of people will tell you that you should "learn from a buddy", well thats part of it. But get the basics from a course taught by climbers for climbers. Once you've got the basics then go climbing with your friends. People who shit on guides are usually too poor to afford one and stumbled their way up a few peaks without getting killed. The other group, committed climbers, climb enough to know how to meet up with people. If you haven't figured out that its more important to enjoy life than to work and consume, chances are your not in this group, sorry. The Mountaineers is a publishing company, and a pretty good one. If you need a book printed, I bet they can help. For climbing instruction take a course from a Guiding company that employs experienced guides that climb at a high level. OK, spray on you chumstik Mountie shorts-over-polypro tourons! ps...if this post insults you, you're likely a douche-bag and should die.
  12. CC.com dissonance and lack of bonhomie is directly attributable to a number of sources; among these are negative experiences during "critical development", social impotence/sexual frustration, a lack of meaningful friendship/familial connections, "loss", and finally, environmental factors. There are likely many other items I have missed, but I have chosen to discuss some of these as they seem to so often come up in discussion here as the underlying theme. Many here seem ill equipped at the task of self examination and perhaps some of these insights will help you on your road towards healing. Please excuse my broad strokes. Naturally, much of what I discuss here may make you feel uncomfortable, perhaps even angry, and that is perfectly natural. Some will feel the need to lash out at these words(It can be enjoyable to watch those who broadcast superiority, if not in deed, at least in tone, moved by these squiggles on the screen). The important thing, for those of you that this is relevent to, is that you've heard this from somewhere. You're initial resistance to what is presented here will no doubt preclude your acceptance, but that's ok. The point is to encourage inner dialogue through the sharing of information. Down the road someday you may say "Oh that's what Moses! was talking about!". Maybe not, but don't worry, Moses! will not hold his breath. Part 1 Critical Development So much of our adult lives are spent dealing with issues that occurred during our "development". When does "development" begin and end? That's a great question. A simple answer is that development is continuous, but there may be points in our lives where our development is critical. "Childhood" is seen as a critical time in the development of a person just as university may be seen as a critical development in a persons career. During critical development we become sensitized to a broad range of behavior shaping events. These events may have positive or negative effects in our emotional lives that may only manifest much later. On the topic or critical development, one type of event that we have all experienced in one form or another is exclusion. Exclusion, or at least it's symptoms, is a theme that recurs here frequently. Exclusion is an issue that we all deal with at one point or another during development. Exclusion, or lack of inclusion, quite often starts in the home. We are excluded from the decision making process by our parents in regards to things as simple as our daily menu, we are excluded by our siblings due to our youth or "uncoolness", we are excluded from our extended families from activities that we are deemed inadequate to attend. Our introduction to this concept begins in the home, only after this initial exposure do we become sensitized to its effects. Exclusion for the purpose of this discussion, may be simply viewed as the inability, perceived or otherwise, to maintain our "desirable" choices. Some exclusions limit our abilities to interact with people or groups of people we'd like to; others limit our ability to partake in a particular activity. If you look closely between the lines of much human interaction, you may see the broad reaching effects of exclusion. Sometimes, exclusion is deemed necessary, or sometimes it's retaliatory exclusion precipitated from some event during critical development from one onto another, or sometimes the exclusion is brought on by a genuine desire to harm. Often when exclusions of the second type are actualized, they may be so far removed and exaggerated that there is little left in common with the trigger of the behavior, other than, for lack of a better phrase, the "negativity of intent". Not to suggest that all exclusions we experience or deliver onto others are unjust. Often the internal conflict created by exclusion is increased by a heightened sense of individual entitlement during critical development when our expectations are unedited by experience. This conflict may be resolved, or it may be passed along in one form or another for someone else to resolve. Be aware of yourself when you exclude as well as your reaction toward exclusion when you experience it. Exclusion, as a practice, particularly when used as a tool of subjugation, is endemic. It is often, though not always, the symptom of an unhealthy emotional life. There is a real need to exclude five year olds from playing in the highway; there is likely no need to exclude a fellow five year old from playing in my sand-box. It is important to consider your life as an iterative process. I like to call this the "Groundhog Day Principle". There is no time too late to realize your potential as an individual. It may take some fantastic errors, but through the forge of personal experience we are continually tempered. Next Time: "social impotence/sexual frustration" PS. You're all on "Ignore"
  13. Iraq

    I'm politically conservative and pretty skeptical by any standard...I'm here to tell you I think you've been sold a lemon friend. I find it interesting that so many Bush Neo-Con still use this as an argument and that it gets entertained as anything but the innocent rantings of the historically ignorant. I find it even more surprising that this playground logic has so pervaded the political conversation in our country. Apparently, we are a nation of simpletons. There is a real need for a nuanced and careful approach to world diplomacy. It has been so sorely lacking with this present administration. The present Administration has been astoundingly effective at convincing many, otherwise sane people, that somehow diplomacy and engagement equate to "weakness" or some such other drivel. I never once have had any notion that Obama was suggesting that he would turn over the keys to Iran or whoever...I will not vote for him for other reasons, but I welcome the elevated level of conversation that he and McCain bring (we'll see if this is just election year pandering). For the last eight years this conversation has basically been, "Nyah, Nyah, you can't tell me what to do!" When I hear this version of the truth as regurgitated by so many media outlets then right out of the mouth of young people who they have placed the responsibility of operating machines of immense destructive power, I despair. Scott, as a citizen of this country, I will tell you that I expect that you will represent and comport yourself with all the dignity that is inherent to your position. There is much that hangs in the balance and hinges on your decisions. You are not only protecting your country, you are representing it. If the "push" has been successful, it is only because intelligent men and women in our military have finally wrested the controls from the president. Do you know why? Because as he sees it he's done, mission accomplished, a lame duck...he had his fun and he's off to count his money. There once was a time when the Republican party was considered to be the standard bearer for international relations. Well, GWB and his cash-and-carry cronies have gutted the US Diplomatic corps underneath our noses and no one has made so much as a peep, while in the same breath swearing under oath that all "options" have been exhausted when they go to war. When Colin Powell objected they threw him out on his ear. Thanks for the service, General. There are people who object to wars, not just because they were carried out under false pretenses, but because they represent the end-member of a brutish form of problem solving that ultimately costs much more than it redeems. The real battle here is not between Democrats and Republicans.....it is between the willingly ignorant and the recklessly complacent. The rest of us are just tired of the BS.
  14. hut on squamish chief??

    what kind of WANKER does this? that's almost as sketchy as all these fake avatars floating around.