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  1. New simple GPS recommendations for climbing?

    the 500 waypoint limit on the foretrex 401 unit seems like a pretty minor issue. I don't have anywhere near that number in mine. Then again, I rarely bring a gps on a mountaineering trip...and when i do i just load in the WPs I need for that climb and dump them when I'm done. the foretrex does everything else i might need - in the smallest possible package. i still use an etrex vista hcx and am perfectly happy with it.
  2. wtb: Tools

    Once again no quarks or vipers (I'm keeping those!!! buahahahahaha!!!) but I am trying to sell my DMM Flys with leashes. Pair of solid alpine tech. tools for 175 plus s/h.
  3. Smith Rock Rescue Saturday

    It's a way more enjoyable way to reach the west side than slogging up Misery Ridge. Out of the I-don't-know-how-many-times I've climbed Super Slab...I think I've done that double-rope rap maybe three times. Pain in the ass to haul up an extra rope just for that rap anyway... Just drop into the gully on the left after the top-out and climb up the groove. Hike to the trail.
  4. "Mad Rock Alpinist" insulated 'single' boots in excellent shape. Size 11.5 (45 Euro). Used on two snow climbs so they are almost like new. They simply don't fit my feet as well as my other cold weather boots. I'm in Bend. Prefer to stay local...maybe meet at Smith Rock??? $100
  5. Bump!!! =) Make an offer if you need a decent pair of Single Boots for 4 season NW mountaineering. Try not to let the Mad Rock name scare you off...they're better than you think. =) I'll refrain from bumping again for a while...
  6. Reduced...and a bump...
  7. Pair of technical ice tools still in great shape. Have been used on generally moderate alpine climbs - no mixed/rock so the picks (although tuned/sharpened) are in great shape with a lot of life left in them. Solid tools for moderate ice and technical mountaineering routes. Leashes are included. $175 - prefer to stay local (Bend) but could meet at Smith...or ship as a last resort.......
  8. Ice Tools - DMM Flys w/ leashes - REDUCED

    reduced bump...
  9. Silvretta 500 bindings....

    This is what I have listed (I think I got this from the Salewa NA folks who handle distribution). Boot Sole Lengths Small - 265-315mm Medium 295-345mm Large 320-370mm That puts my size 10.5 double plastics in Mediums - at 327mm... Anybody have different info?
  10. Mt. Hood Climbing Partner in November

    Not to rain on your parade...but the SS of Hood in November will probably suck.
  11. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    You don't have to rap all the way to the notch. Just rap to the top of the ramp - unexposed easy down-climb from there. And the whole down-climb from the rap anchor looks worse from above than it really is.
  12. Thank you!

    backatcha Tyler! wish i coulda stuck around longer last week!
  13. Design an Alpine Rock Shoe

    Not sure what an "alpine shoe" is...other than a comfortable shoe that climbs really well. Seems like it's pretty much the same thing you'd want at the home crag... The TC Pro is pretty damn good though. Just used mine on Liberty Crack and loved 'em (although that "5.10" sh** was STILL hard dammit...wtf). I'm still breaking them in so I took em off at a couple belays...but they climb as well as my LS Miuras (edge on nothing, climb all crack sizes, and I managed to finish an alpine climb w/o ripping open my ankles on any offwidth - !!!). And they are way more comfy. Freakin' spendy even if you have a hookup though. No way to justify them at full price imho.
  14. Smith Rocks Camping

    ... uh huh...
  15. Sickly Yosemite accident

    Frankly...we might all "struggle with it" a bit if it was our own nephew or niece (or son or daughter)...etc. How we each would respond would vary...but I'm not about to criticize anyone for having some trouble dealing with this kind of news. It's horrible and sad. We all cope how we can. Some with more emotion than others. So why the criticism? We are not involved. Let the family deal.
  16. Sickly Yosemite accident

    might be worth it to do the same here... None of us were there. One of the climbers has semi-defended himself on the taco. No purpose served in slamming them here w/o full knowledge of the incident or the conditions or the party's mental state after finding the body. It just serves no purpose... Tragic no matter what occurred afterwards.
  17. Come play, work, and develop in the Himalayas!

    Oh man - I visited Lijiang once when I was a kid. Amazing area. I wasn't a climber at the time - I missed out. So beautiful. Would love to go back. SW China has some great scenery.
  18. Offset Cam (Met.) sizes?

    Anyone have some good recommendations for good offset sizes to set a rack up with (for Yosemite)? Other than "all of 'em"? =) Also...am limiting myself to Metolius. TCU vs Mastercams? thanks, js
  19. Offset Cam (Met.) sizes?

    Thanks R. Not too anal...or else I'm equally anal. The cable and trigger setup on Mastercams has always raised a couple questions for me. Interesting shot of one in action. Still useable but not like a good ol' Alien. =) That said...my Metolius dollar goes a LOT farther than my CCH dollar so...
  20. EDIT: Make offers - A couple offers fell thru because of int'l shipping. I've marked what sales are still pending below. Otherewise make an offer on what's remaining if you are interested. Willing to negotiate on stuff - need to meet a budget but not looking to take anybody. A bunch of stuff for sale. I've tried to come up with fair prices - let me know if you think they aren't. I'm selling gear to buy gear so I'm trying to hit a budget...but make an offer if you want something. REALLY want to deal locally...i.e. in Bend or meet at Smith or something. I'll be fair if I need to ship anything but will probably hold out for dealing locally. Portland is probably doable too. Here goes: DMM Flys in good shape. With Leashes. $250 Mad Rock Alpinist Insulated Mountaineering Boots. In very good shape. Used 2-3 times on snow/ice climbs. Don't fit. Non-MR insoles. Size 45 euro. For reference I wear size 45 Salomon trail running shoes, and 5.10 Guide Tennies at a tight 44. The boots technically "fit" my foot size but I have other boots that fit better and I never use these. $110 CAMP Tricams used a couple times. $35 for the set Wild Country Rockcentrics used twice or never - $35 for the set - Sale Pending Marmot Eiger 36 (Med/Lrg) - Good shape with some crag dust. $55 Sale Pending TNF Badlands 60 (Med/Lrg - 18in.-22in. torso) in good shape. $55 Sale Pending And some misc. crap. Make an offer if interested. Two BD Headlamps - one with a remote battery pack for cold weather. Sale Pending MSR Denali decks. MSR Steel Pot Primus stove
  21. Bump for the boots - will ship them stateside for free.
  22. Offset Cam (Met.) sizes?

    ah yes...aliens. i wish...but I get a better deal on Metolius soooo...
  23. Offset Cam (Met.) sizes?

    Crillz - no specific wall routes at this point...just expanding my standard rack slowly to prep for a couple later this year. Trying to figure out where to start. Think Valley classics, nothing obscure...yet...Lurking Fear, Nose, etc. Gear budget is of course rather limited...trying not to waste money. Currently set with doubles to triples thru C4 #3s and singles above with some smaller mastercams and a smattering of C3s and micro TCUs. Offsets are an unknown for me...i.e. how many and what sizes for a typical wall rack. Yes...like everyone...I can never have enough toys. Thanks underworld. js working on an assortment of other aid tools...as I slowly migrate over to the dark side.
  24. Bump - a few edits to the original post. Let me know if you want to make an offer other than my asking prices - I need to make a budget but am not looking to take anyone. cheers. js.
  25. My boy

    One more shout out for a kid that can rip it up outside ... not just a plastic monkey (as impressive as that form of gymnastics may sometimes be). Watched a 5.13 redpoint go down at Smith - count me impressed. Be proud RuMR.