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  1. Mt Hood

    Found someone's phone (large, black case, not Apple) above Crater Rock almost directly below the old Chute. Was probably only there for one day, so most likely lost on the 4th. I gave it to the Timberline Lodge front desk for their lost and found. Hopefully the owner sees this! Feel free to cross post if there is another forum for this kind of thing.
  2. FS: Approach Skis w/ 404s

    PM Sent.
  3. Hood - Snow Conditions Report?

    Gonna head up SS with Old Chute in mind for tonight/tomorrow. Wind forecast leads me to believe we'll be lucky to make it to Crater Rock without turning around. Views should still be great. Anybody up there today?
  4. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    Just did it yesterday. Ended up taking a 60m which was great for a 3-person team (one on each end and me in the middle). Only pitched two of the sections above the notch (1st and 2nd not including an easy scramble between). Scrambled climbers left to the summit around the HUGE Mazama team taking forever on their fixed lines. No criticism of the climbers here, or their commitment to safety, just wish the non-profit organization would bring less people, or at least more experienced climbers on a route that is prone to bottlenecks. Didn't rap off the first or second station; fairly easy down-climb, although a rap off the first sling would have been safer and probably quicker too. After a total of two hours waiting for the Mazamas at the top of the first pitch, we rapped all the way down to the notch in ten minutes. Met Rocky_Joe on the summit who brought a 30m as promised--nice guy by the way, and climbing with a quality team. The 30 seemed to work out just fine for the raps, as long as you're willing to down-climb the easiest part of the first pitch above the notch just like jfs1978 said. Joe, did your friends have any trouble rapping off the summit with that length by the way? Didn't look like it. In hindsight a 30m would have been just fine for our level too, since the middle man could have self-belayed on a fixed line between the leader and 3rd man, but 60m was probably quicker for three guys on the ascent, which is important on a busy day. All told, good times on the choss. Thanks for everybody's input on my original question, hope this info helps someone in the future.
  5. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    Well hey, if we both bring 30s and are dead wrong, we can rescue each other. Thanks for that info, Joe.
  6. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    Actually I'll probably see you up there. I'm sure 60m is enough too, I was just hoping I could shed 4 pounds and carry the 30m instead.
  7. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    Cool. 60m it is. Thanks again!
  8. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    Thanks for that info Atreides and Ivan. So nobody knows the length of the last rap?
  9. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    The Mountain Project route description indicates three rap stations. http://www.mountainproject.com/v/oregon/mt_washington/106204660 Atreides, how many did you do? You're probably right about the length though.
  10. Mt. Washington rap lengths?

    Anybody know how long the three raps off Mt. Washington are? I'd rather bring a 30m than a 60m if they're short. Thanks.