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  1. Its not a climb, but its closely related. I'm planning on doing the Timberline trail this Saturday, the 13th. However, per the request of my parents, they want me to have a partner. So if anyone wants to join, please send me something. I'm shooting for around 9 hrs, to give you an idea of pace.
  2. I’ve had my merino wool base layers for just over a year now and they still look new. I’ve used em quite heavilly with rather minimal washing and all that. I usually have a few layers above them so never had any durability issues. Essentially from fall to spring, these are the first thing I always bring regardless of the activity. My experience with synthetics and I’ve been hooked on icebreaker ever since.
  3. Himalaya/Karakoram weather models

    Im curious, this may be a dumb question, but how do these paid services/ people get their models. Do they use info that the public has access to or do they have their own stations/ instruments?
  4. I think I know what your looking at and I think that the main reason no one really climbs there is because of how bad the rock quality is. Lots of loose rocks and you can plan on doing some landscaping if you do go up. I had a friend try and climb Cougar Rock which is somewhat known, theres at least info on it, near Multnomah Falls and route finding was disasterous, their rope was covered in soot from the Eagle Creek Fire, and they actually turned around because a loose block fell on his partner, he was VERY lucky to escape with some deep bruises and scrapes. And you can expect that and alot more if do some adventure climbing there. There are a few kind of developed areas like Ozone, Rooster Rock, theres a few routes up Crown Point, and a few road side boulders, but one could say there’s some potential. It also rains alot especially right now, occasionally snows in the upper reaches of the gorge so not ideal. As for land ownership I have no idea. Theres a posibility there could be a few trip reports somewhere on here. Best of luck to you
  5. Suunto recommendations?

    I can also back the Ambit 3 Peak. I really enjoy the alti-baro feature as well as the compass is also nice ot have on occasion. The battery life is good, lasting a week or two without GPS tracking and GPS tracking, when in use is quite accurrate. Works great for climbing as well as tracking just about any sport you can think of. Never had any durability or weather issues with it. The size/weight is also nice, not too big and annoying, with a decent size screen. I’ve got nothing bad to say about this watch, it just works great.