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  1. Old Kloke Book "One Day Winter Climbs"

    Thanks so much for posting this. In another thread you asked what would it take to get more traffic on the site. Things like this make me keep coming back to check out CC postings.
  2. Paradise Parking Lot

    I had a lot of internal conflict on whether to post this incident or not, and decided to post it because I do believe in full disclosure of law enforcement activities. I have no complaint with any of the officers involved, the way I was treated or anything else to do with the incident. Saturday morning I took my daughter up to hike up to Camp Muir. I am a veterinarian who works only with farm animals, and I took my working truck to the Paradise lot. I had left an empty bottle of cattle vaccine with syringe and needle attached to it in the coffee cup holder of my truck. The coffee cup holder is located on the floor, in front of the center console of the front seat. It can not be seen through the front or rear window, only by really looking from a side window. Shortly after we got back from Muir, several police officers came over and questioned me about the needle and bottle in the truck. They said they routinely walk through the lots looking into cars, and they spotted the syringe and needle and were concerned about it. They asked for driver's license- took a long time to find, forgot where I had stashed in in the pack. In short time they accepted explanation of the bottle and syringe and we left. The only reason I am posting this is to relay the level of observation that occurs in the park, far beyond what I had ever suspected. I have no real axe to grind, or complaint with the procedure- but I do believe that everyone has the right to know what level of supervision they are under at different areas. I was surprised at the fact they actually walk through and visually inspect cars- but it certainly is not a private area. The trip itself was interesting- been to Muir many times, this was the first complete round trip that we never once saw the mountain- even at Muir it was so cloud covered that you couldn't see anything. I had to keep telling my daughter how pretty it really was.
  3. soloing vs free soloing

    About 7th grade- I think.
  4. Life Insurance

    Sorry for being so late to this. I went through this a year or two ago, ended up with Banner Life Insurance. They had no penalty for climbing activity. They did request somewhat detailed history of previous climbing experience, and anticipated future climbs. Did want to know what type of climbing you were involved in- rock vrs glacier, etc. They took fairly detailed history as I recall. I contacted 5 or more companies, everyone else had riders for climbing that were at least 50% or more of the original premium. Often the rider was more than the premium itself. Banner ended up with very competitive rate, no rider and no exclusions on the policy for any type of climbing activity. This was for a 15 year term policy at $500,000 value.
  5. Prussic Peak Photos

    Hiked through the Enchantments on Sat. Sep 24th with my daughter. Saw climbers on Prussic Peak, and have a few photos. If this is you and you would like the full size files contact me and I will get them to you. Shot at extreme limits of my zoom so not the greatest quality.
  6. Camera found at base of Lookout Tower on Granite Mountain 6-19-16. It is in a small black lowepro camera bag. Identify the type of camera in the bag and will try to get it back to you.
  7. Glacier Peak 3 days in August

    Sent you PM
  8. This subject may still be important to some. I just got a new life insurance policy to replace older policy and Banner Life company was willing to provide $500,000 15 year term policy with history of climbing, some roped rock and ascents of Mt Rainier in each year of past 2 years history with no surcharge for climbing activity. Most other companies had up to $5 charge per $1000 of insurance desired as an extra high risk surcharge. This surcharge was more than the basic insurance itself. Banner wrote a quote with no surcharge and no restrictions on activity or no denial of coverage for climbing activity.
  9. Climbing wall free to a good home

    Is this wall still available or have you found a home for it?
  10. possible shoulder injury

    I have torn my rotator cuff several times, there are two surgeons I have seen, Dr Kirby in Seattle at Phone: (206) 386-2600. Only does shoulder surgeries and has excellent reputation, but no longer will take L&I cases. Dr Craig Arntz at Proliance surgeons in Kent, at (425) 656-5060. He also specializes in shoulder surgery and is highly recommended. If you have been pain free for 5 months I doubt if your cuff is torn, one of the hallmarks of a tear is the inability to sleep through the night because of shoulder pain. Good luck, hope there is no teat, recovery is long and kind of a bitch. With non-arthroscopic surgery you are looking at 30-60 days in a sling, before you can even start to move the shoulder.

    What price are you asking? I could use a backup pair. Not looking to spend over $50.00
  12. Lots of holds and more for sale

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  13. climbing on a shortened rope?

    Good discussion on this subject.
  14. $1 USGS Map Sale...

    The first search only list those items for sale for $1.00. Not all items are on sale, so USGS maps are regular price.