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  1. Watmough Bay/Lopez Island info. Bolting??

    The Rock is really similar to Equinox in density and texture as well as features. Some calcified bits (white walls with Blue/Grey streaks. Looks superb.
  2. Bouldering in the icicle or other places

    Word! As a smoker i generally try to police my crap before i leave a sector, but i've probably picked up as many beer cans as butts, and even more tape!
  3. Watmough Bay/Lopez Island info. Bolting??

    Looks like potential for a whole fartload. From easy to real, real hard Psyched to do work!
  4. Rating/Name of route on boulder near GNS

    Either way this spray about a turd on the trailside of index is kind of ridiculous. Time to go climbing and remember that grades in general are a rough yardstick to measure difficulty. Also it's index, grades don't matter anyway.
  5. Watmough Bay/Lopez Island info. Bolting??

    Thanks man! I generally work there fri-monday, so it sounds like a miss. But to recap there is no ban, just grumpy locals? Also looks like some fun bouldering around there as well with 1 or 2 potential "harder" problems. Also who can i talk to about developing?
  6. Rating/Name of route on boulder near GNS

    i think if you climb the right side of the arete it's v0, and if you climb the left side v2/3, there are variations as well. Check out the arete just up hill in the corner it's super choice.
  7. Just been working out on lopez island and discovered Watmough bay nand some potential climbing. Someone must know something. Looks uber!
  8. Joe's Valley recommendations

    Pocket Rocketv6 soft must see! Low Tide v6 soft Full service v5 soft The Dish v3 Any of the boulders by the river have a number of moderate problem that are enjoyable Really any of the steep juggy v0-v2 problems near the dish in area 51. There's a sick camping spot on the left past the main zone kind of dips off the road and has a nice little wind break in the trees
  9. hardy camera recommendations

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a digital push button dummy camera that takes decent pictures and holds up to abuse in the mountains? Price range is < $200-250 Thank you.
  10. Directions to the new Mt. Vernon Crag?

    Its actually in Seattle. Mapquest Stone Gardens.
  11. Your Climbing Heroes

    Fred Beckey Johnny Dawes Carlos Buehler Peter Croft Carl Tobin Earl Wiggins Andy DeKlerk Wolfgang Gullich
  12. First Trad Fall

    fell on rollerball j-tree, 35 feet onto an orange T.C.U placed in a bottomed out little slot
  13. Local overhanging cracks

    Okay mabye poison balance isn't sustained overhanging, but the crux is overhanging, pressure drop surely is barely overhanging, perrys is overhanging and arching, and grandaddy, could be on the line as it's under an overhang and does overhang slightly.
  14. Local overhanging cracks

    Pumpline 11b, leavenworth poison balance 12a, leavenworth perrys lieback 11a,squish Black catbone 11d, index the crack isn't vertical persay but still overhanging Kieths Crack 11c, index, overhangs slightly and then pulls thrua bulge Bravo Jean-marc, Index 11b, Prolly dirty right now Pressure Drop 11b Index Grandaddy Overhang 11c, Nightmare Squish Another Mans car 11c, index havn't done it but looks tittilating highplanes drifter 11+, squish perspective 11a squish
  15. Never Never Crack

    nice work Ben!! lets not forget The Beast project. that thing looks super severe. There are a handful of open projects in leavenworth worth taking a look at, and the thing that Tom bolted across from the snow creek parking lot, the big scooped roof.