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  1. One weekend in Spokane, what to do?

    That sounds like a lot, is that doable in a weekend? The only other problem being that we don't have skiis, just snowshoes, is it that far in that the absence of skiis would be an issue? Another suggestion I've heard is Triple Couloir on DragonTail, what are conditions like? Also, we want to be on ice, not just kicking steps in snow.
  2. One weekend in Spokane, what to do?

    So I came across a free travel voucher and have booked a flight to Spokane (I live in Norman, OK). I'll be arriving on Friday, March 24 around noon and my partner will be picking me up at the airport (he's from Spokane and a student at U of Idaho in Moscow). I depart Monday, March 27 at 7 AM. Given this time frame and our location, what should we do?! We're considering driving up to Icefields Parkway in Canada, or maybe some long rock in the Cascades if its accessible. Give me all your hairbrained ideas, we're up for anything alpine: ice, rock, you name it!