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  1. Unoccupied Climbing shoes, to be more exact. Base of sickle. Pm w/description of shoes.
  2. blue case, could be anywhere. shiny blue case. locked with contract number displaying.. not crushed if not found or if found crushed. want to upgrade any way. answers to the name "Why can't you close that friggin app when i want you to." or "no, not facetime now!" charles
  3. while things were thin they were still fun the last few days. sorry we couldn't stick around Wayne. next time! charles
  4. lol, great pics wayne. I really like the sign -includes anti-freeze!
  5. I just looked up the fservice site EP access via Redfish Lake was closed, small fire, reopened.
  6. Looks like 2 of us are heading to EP, maybe Finger, M-F. Never been but it looks great, everything else nearby looks like T storms or blistering heat. That rap pic is what inspired me.
  7. 1. Date 8/18 to 8/21 or 22 2. Destination Sawtooths, elephant perch, fickle finger 3. Origination Carver (Portland) 4. number in party 2 5. if you can drive or not (and the mpg of your car if so). will drive 99 subie w/thule. We could be more definitive if need be. low to mid 20s mpg, quick but careful driver. One disclaimer, air fills quickly with lefty talk.
  8. Nice work! Great pics; looks like an excellent character building experience.
  9. Our bubba (Sybill is her non-board name) is a mutt, maybe german short hair, boarder ollie- when people ask what bred she is we say 'she's mostly dog.' This pictiure is at Black peak after blowing past three marines who wanted to show off, she's also done three finger jack, Illlumination, dozens of hikes up the Gorge. She hates alpine starts- which is why she fits in with so well with us. She simply goes nuts when she spots the glaciers. We got her from the Oregon Human Society, having been rejected by another shelter. She doesn't wierd out at the base of a climb, hangs out in a tent, barks at floating plastic trash bags, prefers Oberto's turkey jerky. all-in-all much better than a child.
  10. Yet another outstanding climb and report! Looks to be a classic Pacific Northwest style mixed, not that wimpy rock and ice mixed but, rock, ice, and moss! Did you use a pin somewhere along too? Great pics, outstanding climb. good job guys
  11. Iain I don't think you meant to say letter to Congress. but the federal - state thing is an interesting jurisdiction question. For the whole section of Oregon Revised Statutes see http://www.leg.state.or.us/ors/401.html . the current requirement looks to deal with people who guide children above timberline- I suspect written after the OES disaster.
  12. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe I am wrong but... a couple months ago I was pulling out gear to get ready for an ice climbing trip and noticed that one of my Cassin crampons were fractured right under the ball of my toe. I use plastic boots so it should not be the result of flexing. I emailed Cassin to ask if they were interested in looking at them- at least from a Quality Assurance standpoint. No response. My first and only set of ice tools were Cassin (circa 2001). My wife and climbing partner were in the Canadian Rockies a couple weeks ago, she was telling me I was beating up the ice. “Place your picks, don't wack the ice” she said. I told her that they popped out if I ‘just placed them.’ Of course her thought was I was being a whiner. She tried them, and had same result. She weighs 50 lbs less, is a better ice climber than I am and could not get started on a route she lead just minutes prior. “La, di, da,” I thought. Then she switched back to her tools, same route, up no problem. The tips are sharp, curved the same as her Cobra, just don’t work. So for now, I am retiring from Cassin. BTW, the route was a very interesting, thin, short pitch in King Creek in the Kananaskis area that ends in an alcove. It is between two larger WI3-4s falls.
  13. I ran into the video tech tip the other day and got a whetstone and ignition file to do exactly as they said. I had a couple 'throw away' screws that I practiced on first. All I can say is that it is nice in practice. the angles make it pretty impossible, partcilalry if one of the teeth are bent and one has to straighten them out. Better - no burrs. I wonder if a regular chain saw sharpening person could / would be able to do it?
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