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  1. SOLD Patagonia Knifeblade Pullover size Large Mango, excellent like new no rips, stains, tears, etc. $250 $200 ($350 retail)OBO shipped via USPS Priority Patagonia Knifeblade at Backcountry IM or Email for details Can do PayPal or USPS Money order
  2. SOLD $200 Patagonia Knifeblade

    Its Tuesday!
  3. SOLD $200 Patagonia Knifeblade

    Look at me!
  4. SOLD $200 Patagonia Knifeblade

    Patagonia Knifeblade $200 Shipped
  5. SOLD $200 Patagonia Knifeblade

    Knifeblade still up $200 SHipped
  6. SOLD $200 Patagonia Knifeblade

    Reduced Prices! Knifeblade $225
  7. WTB 4 Season Tent

    I'm tired of getting my ass kicked hauling around my 3 man MSR 4 season tent. Had the BD Firstlight for solo stuff but it does not like the wind. Looking for someone's old but functional ID MK 1 XL or MK3, Eldo, Megalight, MSR Fury. I'm poor and my wife is making us take the Dave Ramsey course so be nice.
  8. FS: Arc'teryx---Alpha SV and Theta SK

    Put that on eBay, you will get way more than you are asking.
  9. SPF Patagonia Simple Guide Pants Llama Brown Size Large SPF I have a 34" waist and these fit about right with their slightly trim cut. Very good condition, just a little bit of pilling on the left hip where a pack waist belt would rest. Get ready for winter! I will throw in a pair of older style Patagonia Gi Pants Men's Medium Olive Green, I never wear them anymore. $65 shipped via USPS Priority. Can do PayPal. IM or email me. Thanks, Chris SPF
  10. Zotefoams

    I use the Gossamer Gear Nightlight sleeping pad. Same Evazote foam but with an egg crate pattern. I am slightly more comfortable at times with it upside down. The GG pad weighs at least half as much. I use this pad for the summer, I have spoiled myself during winter with the Downmat 7.
  11. OR Foray...any experience?

    Men's OR Furio gonna be on Steep and Cheap today sometime.
  12. OR Foray...any experience?

    Have you looked at the Outdoor Research Furio Jacket? http://www.backcountry.com/store/ODR0319/Outdoor-Research-Furio-Jacket-Mens.html On sale at Backcountry.com Paclite with Gore-Tex Pro reinforcement. Only a few ounces heavier If you want an uber light jacket try the OR Zealot. I think you can use code 2SP-1-ASNVQ for 15% more but I think it expires after tomorrow.
  13. Patagonia jackets F/S (new)

    He did not answer yet. I was just throwing the post up there just in case.
  14. I am looking for a Patagonia Specter Pullover or Jacket, preferably pullover in Men's Large.
  15. Patagonia jackets F/S (new)

    Do you still have the Specter? What size? Thanks
  16. Anyone use Scan Cafe?

    You could probably get a scanner with a 35mm adapter to hook up to a PC for about $100 to $150. I have been debating the same thing myself for a while. Here is the Epson V200 SCanner at Ritz Camera.
  17. [TR] Borah Peak - SW Ridge 5/16/2008

    I found this webcam. Looks like quite a bit less snow now.
  18. Mount Borah Conditions

    Anyone know what the Mount Borah Conditions are right now and what they might be in early June? Thanks
  19. Mount Borah Conditions

    Found this Gib's View Webcam
  20. 3 Season tent under 4lbs, Recomendations

    Quite a few options: Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Gossamer Gear "The One" TarpTent Rainbow I think the Tarptent Rainbow would be the most weather resistant. It depends on how light you want to go.
  21. Non - mesh trail runners?

    I just use my Montrail Hardrocks with the Smartwool Adrenaline ankle socks. Both dry out fairly quickly. I just ordered a pair of the Gore-Tex Hurricanes but I can't tell you about them 'cause I don't have them yet.
  22. Insulated Leather boots

    I have an older pair of the La Sportiva Lhotses. They are heavy compared to the newer models but toasty and I feel really secure in them, no issues kicking steps in hard snow. This last winter I was using my La Sportiva Glaciers paired with RBH VaprThrn liner socks down to zero with never a cold toe. I had to use a thinner outer sock to make up for the lesser amount of space in the boot.
  23. [TR] Borah Peak - SW Ridge 5/16/2008

    I will be there in early June. I guess an early, early start will be recommended. Any need for snowshoes? Does not look like it. Thanks for posting the TR.
  24. BD superlight tents on Denali?

    I don't think it could have been crystals coming thru the wall, maybe frozen condensate being knocked off. The Firstlight lacks the side tie out that the Eldorado or the I Tent has. I have been 50 plus winds in my FirstLight in Colorado winter conditions. The side walls were drastically pushing in on me. I was using the tent solo, which was the only way the walls would not rub on me lying in the middle. I could have changed the tent direction but did not want to hack out the anchors. The little tent came thru fine with no damage. With 2 people in the tent with high winds be prepared to have fabric in your face.
  25. Sleeping Bag Decisions

    I have the Arc Specialist with an Epic shell and 2 oz overfill. It weighs right at 18 oz. Keeps me warm down to at least freezing with just a baselayer. Packs down to nothing and good quality 800 fill down that perks right back up. Even at freezing I have not had to tighten the straps on the bottom. Once you go quilt you don't go back. The freedom of movement is unbeatable. I also have an Arc Alpinist with 4 oz overfill that is my winter bag. I have slept down to single digits in the Rockies and been perfectly comfy, using an Exped Downmat 7, cannot recommend that highly enough either. The only caveat as a winter bag is something on your noggin. Nunatak makes a down balaclava, I wear my R1 Hoody and the BMW Cocoon Polarguard Balaclava from the BackpackingLight.com website. My quilt weighs 1 lb 14 oz and will keep me warm to at least zero, and with a down jacket even lower.