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  1. Tuesday, July 22 me and my friend will touch down at seatac in the morning and would like to catch a ride to either Paradise or White River we will pay for all your gas and the park entrance fee
  2. I see this posted as a TR; that was inadvertent of course
  3. preferred rope system for DC (3-person team) - DC Me and two buddies will be on the hill later this month. I was thinking of going light and carrying a 30-meter glacier-travel rope, with the first and last climber tying into the ends (no coils). Alternatively, we might go with a 60 (more rope than I really want to take) anyway, I haven't been on the DC and was curious what a standard glacier set-up might be. I was thinking of having each climber in our party carry one picket and one screw, and forego a full-on Texas prusik system in favor of a single prusik cord pre-rigged on the harness. so I'm just looking for something simple that will be intuitive for one of the guys in my party who doesn't have a lot of experience (and will be going in the middle)
  4. MSR Reactor

    Update: I used this on Denali in June 2008 and it worked quite well. [Caveat: it did not get bitterly cold or windy on my trip; rarely did the thermometer dip significantly under zero Fahrenheit]
  5. BD superlight tents on Denali?

    Has anyone seen any of the newer BD tents, like the Firstlight, on Denali? The thing isn't fragile by any stretch, but it seems awfully puny for the likes of Denali. Still, House and Anderson used one on Nanga Parbat, so maybe the idea isn't entirely ludicrous.
  6. MSR Reactor

    Just bought this off the shelf at REI. The thing is no joke: it boils a liter of water in a minute (my estimate, didn't actually use a stopwatch) or so. Insanely fast. I bought this basically as a "weekender" stove for snowy ascents -- think Shasta/Casaval Ridge in February, or Rainier/Ptarmigan Ridge in June. The JetBoil is just too small to shovel snow in, and the Reactor's 1.7-liter pot is wide enough to take in big clumps of snow. I had planned to use this inside my tent with a hanging system, but given the manufacturer's repeated insistence about carbon monoxide (which you can't smell), I guess I'll have to use it outside, which is kind of a bummer. Still, at least I can take comfort knowing that I won't be freezing my ass off for a half-hour at a time brewing up -- I expect this thing to churn out liter after liter. I wish it were still cold and snowy enough that I could give it an alpine test. But so far, it passes the threshold garage test.
  7. La Sportiva Spantik sizing

    that's very helpful. I'm a 43 in a bunch of Sportiva products; I do most of my climbing, for instance, in the newish Sportiva Trango (the "silver" Trangos). It sounds like the 44 in the Spantik is the bulls-eye.
  8. La Sportiva Spantik sizing

    anyone have info on the fit and sizing of the Spantik? I've heard from two people who have gone up one to two full sizes, and would like to collect more info before I make an Internet purchase