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  1. I want to download Led Zeppelin 4/27/69 both sets, the best ever LZ I think. The 2nd set isn't on there yet.
  2. Right! I'm listening to it and it's an amazing find. I had the official Epitaph box vol 1 and added vol 2 by mail order but these new tapes are far better quality and were unknown.
  3. This is a cool site I found where you can listen to 60s-80s live concert recordings, makes great at-work cubicle listening. wolfgang's vault It is streaming audio, which does have annoying interruptions and I've had better luck on some concerts than others, but it is free. Downloads in better quality are to be available soon though there will be a charge for them. A lot of this stuff has been available but rarely in this quality, from the master tapes.
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    I'm sure cindy666 is a product of the all time spray king, nice little stalk/troll operation by that little rascal.
  5. We went out to Leavenworth yesterday to do a couple of multi-pitch trad climbs. These climbs have seen literally thousands and thousands of ascents so really no point in mentioning exactly which ones they were. My partner sometimes posts but isn't well known and may not have ever climbed with anyone else on this site so I'll just leave this person anonymous. As far as conditions, pretty much the same as what has been recently reported. Otherwise, about what you would expect out there this time of year. On the first route I dropped a #12 stopper and couldn't recover it. Looked like this misfortune was going to cast a shadow on the entire rest of the day. Then two other guys showed up, (the only other people we saw, by the way), and out of all the many routes available decided to do the same one. "Hey, you two, here's your pro", one of them yelled down. "Look", I yelled back "the rule is finder's keepers". "Forget it, we both have multiple duplicates of all sizes and we sure don't want this" as the stopper came flying down right into my open hand from 200 feet above. We got back to the car where I then found out I had forgotten to close the trunk where I had stashed extra clothing, cash and climbing gear. Lo and behold, we were gone for three hours and no one even bothered to look there, let alone take anything. My water bottle was low so I went to buy a soda to supplement it. Wouldn't ya know it, end of the day and I had half a bottle of water left anyway ! What the heck ? $1.09 with tax at the Icicle Road Chevron for a soda, no biggie at all, hardly enough to ruin a climbing day. End of the day and we headed straight to the Heidelberger. It's fast, cheap and convenient and boy, does it ever taste good. I never look at the menu as I always just go with what they do best - Triple Heli Bacon Burger With Cheese. They can pretty much just throw it on the grill as I walk in the door. But if you thought about losing any weight from a hard day's climbing, forget it, this baby packs enough calories to keep you going for another three days. I decided not to post any photos, thinking it best to preserve the sense of discovery and surprise for future generations of climbers visiting the plastic Bavarian village crags. (By the way, if anyone can find any speeling errors in this please PM me and I'll use the Edit function to correct).
  6. also interesting to note that climber's vehicles are in about the same running condition
  7. thanks O-W, my collection could definitely use an overhaul and I'm using a very inexpensive scanner. Maybe start a thread "2400 OLD CLIMBING SLIDES",,,,,,,NEVER MIND,,,,,,
  8. Alpine Yosemite - Cathedral Peak Cragging Joshua Tree Intersection Rock Scenic Prussik Peak Goat Ice Goat Dome Pitch 5 Humor Climbing Instruction
  9. Mt St Helens, Shoestring glacier, 1977 Midway rte, Castle Rock, 1977. This is now. Is the chimney getting more polished ? I'm not sure, it may have been smooth rock originally. Peshastin - Trigger Finger, 1976 Thanks for the thread MisterE. I will always think of running into you at far away sunny crags, doing harder routes than I could ever do. MisterE at Joshua Tree, 2005
  10. He may not be yet, the photo was from a few years ago.
  11. Winter Solstice route from yesterday: Topping out on Midway 1976
  12. Thanks for the clarification but safety may have something to do with skill level and mine wasn't that high. Also that was the gear that we used on all of our climbs and that is the best photo that I have. I'm sure the route could be safely free soloed without gear by some, then and now.
  13. You can buy a WA hunting or fishing license here and receive it by mail and it includes the parking permit good at Vantage at no extra charge. fishing licenses I bought one and received it in just a few days.
  14. Now that might be a more popular topic, especially if you don't specify smokin WHAT.
  15. Mt Olympus summit, 1971. Army surplus wool pants, homemade harness & clown white sunscreen. Shorts over polypro became fashionable much later. Happy days. Smith Rocks trad, 1977. Chocks only, no cams, no pitons, no sport routes, few bolts. Safe climbing became popular much later. No claims to fame but I'm still climbin.
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    thANks cindy, that woould haff TO bE a complimant, comingg from You.
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    If I made you think that, then I would have to be. But only one in a million would think that (and type that way). Sort of redneck typing skills, huh ?
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    sort of a "troll" huh ?
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  20. It's so cool that a local climber and poster on this site is achieving world class climbs. The Cerro Torre presentation was phenomenal and looking forward to more.
  21. Mara: Emotion is irrelevant, it is not our nature Alan: I'm not sure you're right about that, Mara. Mara: Still you are aware of the others so you must be in some basic sense aware of who... what we are.
  22. All's fair in love and trolls.
  23. So let me get this straight...after months of anticipation the guy was great beyond your wildest dreams. You had so much fun and everything turned out so unbelievably well that...that...that...you wouldn't ever even want to date again. Well, look, we're all close here and we all care about each other. Just keep us informed on any new developments and we'll help any way we can. Good luck on the Mt Hood climb and be sure to post a TR.
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